Is Disney channel in India?

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How can you be on Disney channel?

There are many ways to start a career on Disney Channel: ☻Send in an Audition tape ☻Go to this website: ☻Watch ou

How do you get on Disney channel?

Go to Mandy's Film and TV Production Directory website and search Disney Channel. It's a really great website to get to know about auditions. If you have an agent, ask them wh

How do you get to be on Disney channel?

Step by Step... 1) Be talented. 2) Show your talent to the world. ie. XFactor, YouTube etc. 3) Get famous because of your talent. 4. Audition for a Movie or TV Show...

What is Disney channel on?

I wasn't going to dignify this with an answer, but since you seem so completely lost and confused, I'll hold your hand a little. Here's the answer, you ready? Ok. TV.

How do you get Disney channel?

with whatever tv company your with (eg. virgin) then if you call them and upgrade your tv package . i think that's how anyway hope it helps :S
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When will Disney channel India air camp rock 2?

the date is still to be announced,but more and more information is coming day by every night 11:30 or 11:25 p.m. after Hannah Montana....Disney channel India airs RO
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How do you get on Disney channel and how to do it?

To land a gig with disney, one must first audition for a role. Contacting a talent agency is the first step to make it on the big screen. The Agency will act as a mediator bet