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Is France a first world a second world or a third world country?

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First World.
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Is north America a first second or third world country?

It actually really depends on what you think. if you go to a really rich country then here you may think its a 2nd. But if you go to a 3rd country you may think this is a 1st.

Why is France a first world country?

France is a first world country because of its political, financial and military status. The country complies also with all the requirements set by International Organizations

Why is it called the third world what are the first and second worlds?

  Answer   The "first world" was the "old world," or basically Europe, before the discovery of the Americas. The "second world" was the Americas, discovered by Columb

What is the meaning of first second and third world?

The first world, also referred to as the free world, refers to democratic and economically developed countries. It's also frequently known as the West, though it also includes

Is Kenya first second or third world country?

There are no official definitions for first, second, or third world countries. The terms originated during the Cold War, but today, "third world" is often used to describe und