Is Greenland in Scandinavia?

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Possibly. Scandinavia either contains three or eight countries, if eight, then yes, if only three, then no. It is a Nordic country anyway.
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Why is Scandinavia called Scandinavia?

The origin of the word is not entirely clear but people generally favor the idea that it means the island of darkness or fog island. Reasoning: The Norwegian word skodde means fog and avia means island in Norwegian. On old maps, Scandinavia is often shown as an island, and as people's knowledge of w (MORE)

Where is Greenland?

Greenland is an autonomous region of the European country ofDenmark, and consists of a vast island stretching from the NorthAtlantic Ocean to the Arctic Ocean along the northeast coast ofNorth America. It lies immediately east of northern Canada. It is the largest island in the world, aside from th (MORE)

What were the Vikings of Scandinavia?

The Vikings settled Norway, Sweden, Finland, Denmark, and Iceland. They would raid countries and fish for food. The Viking Age lasted from a.d.800 to a.d.1100.

Where is Scandinavia?

As an ethinic and linguistic group Sweden, Norway, Demark, Iceland,and the Faeroe Islands are all Scandinavia. Culturally andgeographically Finland is often included in that group as well

What are the countries of Scandinavia?

Sweden,Denmark, Norway Finland and Iceland do together with scandinavia make up Norden orThe northern countries, which is often confused with scandinaviabut scandinavia is only Sweden, Denmark and Norway

What is the capital of Scandinavia?

Scandinavia is actually three or four countries (out of a possible five), depending on how it is defined (Sweden, Norway, Denmark, and Finland or Iceland). Each has it's own capital. Here is a list of the capitals: Sweden = Stockholm Norway = Oslo Denmark = Copenhagen Finland = Helsinki (MORE)

Where is Scandinavia located?

Look in the top middle of Europe. A little more to the right actually but Denmark is also part of Scandinavia so yeah north middle... :D

What if US was on Greenland?

I don't understand your question, but if the United States were in the same latitude as Greenland, then the temperature would quite obviously be a lot lower, as they would be further away from the equator.

Is Scandinavia a country?

No. Not currently, but a union existed from 1397-1523 named the Kalmar Union . It united the three kingdoms of Denmark, Sweden and Norway under a single monarch. (Norway included Iceland, Greenland, the Faroe Islands, Shetland, and Orkney) If it would still exist, it would, yes, probably be called (MORE)

What is the Greenland effect?

The Greenland effect occurs when you attempt to make a flatrepresentation of a sphere. The result is the poles become wildlyexaggerated , and the middle is distorted also.

What is the climate in Greenland?

"Greenland" may have received its name because it was one of the few places that far north that had substantial vegetation on its southern coast, especially during a warmer period from 800 to 1300 AD. The large permanent ice cap can partially thaw on its surface, and there are many glaciers around i (MORE)

How was Greenland made?

well Greenland was the first island open it was realy opened first if you go there. there is vikings but not like the football players of vikings the real vikings im talking should know where is Greenland close to Canada its cool so yeah.ill show you how its made man.vikings were searching (MORE)

Is Greenland a democracy?

Greenland has a parliamentary democracy within theconstitutional monarchy of the Kingdom of Denmark. Denmark's QueenMargrethe II is represented in Greenland by High CommissionerMikaela Engell. The Prime Minister is Kim Kielsen. . There is five political parties in Greenland . Socialdemocrats: Siu (MORE)

Who colonized Greenland?

Greenland was colonized by the Danish. However it is possible thatpeople first lived in Greenland in 2500 BC.

Currency of Scandinavia?

Scandinavia is not a country but a region consisting of many countries: Norway, Sweden and Denmark (Iceland is sometimes included). Norway uses the Norwegian krone Sweden uses the Swedish krona Denmark uses the Danish krone Iceland uses the Icelandic króna

Why was Greenland called Greenland?

Although the coasts of the island are very green in the summer when they are ice-free, it may have been part of the colonization efforts by its discoverer, Erik the Red (Danish: Erik den Røde). After being exiled from Iceland, he returned there in 982, and called the new island Greenland, to attr (MORE)

Is Scandinavia an island?

Yes, technically there are a series of canals and rivers connectingthe gulf of Finland with the White Sea. So Scandinavia issurrounded by water on all sides and is not connected by land tothe afro-eurasian supercontinent.

Why is it called Scandinavia?

The word "Scandinavia" is a Latinization of the Proto-Norse name "Skaðinawjō," which probably meant "dangerous island." The term probably referred originally to what is today called Scania or Skåne, which is a part of southern Sweden. The modern term now has two meanings. If defined narrow (MORE)

Scandinavia is located where?

Scandinavia is a historical and geographical region centered on the Scandinavian peninsula of Northern Europe. Mainly, Scandinavia is defined as the three kingdoms that historically shared the Scandinavian Peninsula. They are represented by the countries of: . Denmark . Norway . Sweden . and (MORE)

Who are the scandinavias?

Genetically the main group is Germanic (like e.g. in Germany and the Netherlands), but already 1.000 years ago groups of Slavonic people also settled in parts of Denmark and Sweden facing towards present day Poland (and North-eastern Germany). To the very North of the Scandinavian peninsula approx. (MORE)

When and how was Scandinavia colonized?

Scandinavia wasn't colonised. Of course, some inland and northern parts of it were "colonised" by the local population, but modern Scandinavians are largely the native people of Scandinavia. (Though, of course at some point in history they must have arrived, maybe even replacing the "original" " (MORE)

What states are in Scandinavia?

\nKingdoms. Denmark, Sweden and Norway. If you extend the possible unofficial geograph-cultural borders it would also include, in this order: Åland, Finland, Faroe Islands, Iceland and Greenland .

What is the populaton of Scandinavia?

Scandinavia; Sweden, Denmark and Norway: ~19 million. (2008 est.) Your definition of Scandinavia may vary, so: Nordic Countries;Sweden, Denmark, Norway, Finland, Iceland and possessions: ~25 million

What is Scandinavia surronded by?

Ocean to the north east, ocean to the north, ocean to the north west, ocean to the west, ocean to the south west, and Germany to the south! Poland, and the Baltic states to the south west and Russia to the east. Finland also to the east if you don't include them as being in Scandinavia.

Is Scandinavia big?

The Scandinavian Peninsula is ~780,000 sq km in size. But that only includes some of Sweden and Norway. But "Scandinavia" as all of Sweden, Denmark and Norway, it has a size of ~878,000 sq km. But that, sort of also includes Svalbard, Jan Mayen and possibly other overseas possessions, but the Fa (MORE)

What is the area of Scandinavia?

Scandinavia as in "the Scandinavian peninsula + Denmark" is about ~820,000 sq km. Countries with a comparable size of that are Namibia, Mozambique, Pakistan and Turkey.

What is the GDP of Scandinavia?

All Data from FY2010... Sweden=437.4 Billion USD Norway=285.5 Billion USD Finland=186.6 Billion USD Denmark=202.9 Billion USD Estonia[Officially Considered Part of Scandinavia]=25.6 Billion USD THUS, the TOTAL GDP of Scandinavia = $1.138 Trillion

Is Scandinavia Socialistic?

The Scandinavian countries are not socialist by a traditional Marxist definition, but by a modern standard, they could be classified as socialist based on the fact that approximately half of the GDP runs though the public sectors. The so-called welfare states are primarily a realisation of the polit (MORE)

What can you do in Greenland?

nothing, its just a island 15 times bigger than the uk that is covered with snow so you can just have snowball fights

What is the govermant of Scandinavia?

There is no common government of the geografical area called Scandinavia, but there is a political cooperation organised in the 'Nordisk RÃ¥d', see Denmark, Norway and Sweden were in a personal union from 1397 to 1523, but was still three separate politi (MORE)

Does Greenland have wildlife?

yes of course as with every where else. The waters surrounding greenland are very rich and so there is a huge number of marine mammals ranging from large numbers of walrus, to many species of whales. Musk oxen are found on greenland (over 3000) as are polar bears, reindeer even a growing number o (MORE)

What are facts about Scandinavia?

vikings lived there. the people were called skandians and i guess they were more pirates than vikings. . Scandinavia includes the countries of Norway, Sweden, and Denmark. . Scandinavia is the most developed region of the world. . Scandinavia was home to the vikings. . Scandinavia means 'Land (MORE)

Is Finland Scandinavia?

Yes it is. No, it is not. Scandinavia consists of Norway, Sweden and Denmark. However, the Nordic countries consists of Norway, Sweden, Denmark, Finland, Iceland, Greenland, Åland and the Faroe Islands. There is also a term called Fenno-Scandinavia, which consist of Norway, Sweden and Finland (MORE)

What are the capitals of Scandinavia?

Here is a list of the 3 Scandinavian capitals: Sweden = Stockholm Population: 2 million Norway = Oslo Population: 1.3 million Denmark = Copenhagen Population: 1.7 million There are four capitals in Scandinavia: Oslo in Norway, Stockholm in Sweden, Copenhagen in Denmark, and Reykjavik in Ice (MORE)

Are there trees in Greenland?

No,normally in greenland,there aren't trees because greenland have got an arctic climate in the polar zone.But in the southern part of greenland there is a subpolar zone with a warmer climate and there grow trees

What is special about Greenland?

there are mummy's in Greenland 8th mummies (six women's and two children were found and they were all mummies and In 1972 they were found by two hunters, brothers, Hans gronvold and his brother jokum, discovered them. The six-month-old child and three of the female mummies are on permanent displa (MORE)

Is Greenland Iceland?

No. There is one little confusing thing though. Iceland is green and warm, while Greenland is covered in snow and ice.

What landforms are in Scandinavia?

Scandinavia includes Sweden, Norway, Finland, Iceland and Denmark. Landforms found in Scandinavia are mountains, Fhords which were formed by glaciers, valleys, volcanic landforms, and glaciers.

What is the name Scandinavia?

Scandinavia is derived from the word 'scania' southern part of sweden which used to be the part of Denmark before .

Is they rivers in Greenland?

here are the rivers . Gudenelv (Gods River) . Marrakajik (Schuchert River) . Primulaelv . Zackenberg River [edit]West Coast . Akuliarusiarsuup Kuua . Isortup Kuua . Isuitsup Kuua (Igassup Kuua) . Kapisillit River . Majorqaq . Minturn Elv (Minturn River) . Pinguarsuup Alannguata (MORE)