Is Infliximab considered a chemotherapy?

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Infliximab (brand name is Remicade) is not a drug used to treat cancer.

The definition of "chemotherapy" in a basic sense can mean any chemical used to treat any condition. Aspirin could be considered a chemotherapy for a headache.

Traditionally, the word "chemotherapy" is used to discuss drugs used to treat cancer. That line blurs a bit because there are newer medications for cancer that are not in the same classes of typical "cytotoxic" chemotherapies. These new treatments, for example, monoclonal antibodies like rituximab, don't cause the same side effects of older cancer treatments. But they are frequently used in conjunction with traditional chemotherapy and for ease of discussion are frequently called chemotherapy.

The monoclonal antibodies include drugs to treat other conditions, like infliximab to treat Crohns. Some doctors that use these medicines for these other conditions may call them chemotherapy. It is not wrong to do so, but those doctors should be aware that calling a treatment "chemotherapy" may cause a cultural association with harsh cancer treatments.

Remember that language is a dynamic thing and we are often caught trying to carve new words to describe treatments accurately (and not scarily). Technology moves so fast sometimes the language can't keep up, and there aren't committees of people sitting around deciding who gets to use which words for what treatments they give.

Asking questions of your health care providers is the best way to get your exact concerns addressed.
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