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Is Jane Eyre a realistic book?

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By the standards of its time, yes. but the story could not happen today. Jane would have gotten suspicious and using a device invented by one Alexander G. Bell would have called the Police or maybe a psychiatrist- this guy"s nuts! Like Scrooge and Erlking it probably could not happen today in the original sense- with Scrooge, Christmas is so commercialized- no businessman including pawn shops could ignore it! and so on time marches on.
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Any books about Jane Eyre?

Jane Eyre by Charlotte Bronte theres a ton of presequels and sequels to the actual book written by more current authors

What is the book Jane Eyre about?

It is about a girl named Jane and her life in the 19th century. She has no parents and lives with her abusive aunt, until she goes to school and eventually finds a job. The bo

Who is Bertha in the book Jane Eyre?

Bertha is Mr. Rochester's first wife. He keeps her locked up in the attic because she's crazy. And poor Bertha gets treated like she's the monster.

Why is the book Jane Eyre popular?

It is popular because it is a "good read." It has an interesting plot as well as presenting us with a picture of life in mid-1800s England. Read it on your own before it com

Describe the character Jane Eyre in the book Jane Eyre?

Jane Eyre is the main character of the novel she lead a very struggling life right from her childhood, She was an orphan girl and was ill-treated by her aunt Mrs. Reed. She wa

What was Janes Eyres favorite book?

First of all is is Jane Eyre. It is pronounced Air. My guess he favorite book would be the Bible. Writers in the nineteenth century were always tacking on religious asides to