Is Kuwait Safe?

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Kuwait is definitely safe,though people that you should keep away from are Ethiopians....
They are very dangerous as maids,please they do really everyone these days don't hve maids
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Where is Kuwait?

Asia Kuwait is a small country located on the Persian Gulf in the continent of Asia. First of all it is spelled "Kuwait". It is located in the continent Asia. It next to Ir

What is Kuwait?

A country of the northeast Arabian Peninsula at the head of the Persian Gulf. ......... .

In Kuwait what is the Amir?

Emir is Arabic for Commander, General and Prince. The Kuwaiti Emir's full title is "His Highness the Amir of the State of Kuwait", suggesting that in his case "Amir" means he

How safe is Kuwait?

Even though Terrorism incidents has occurred in neighboring countries they rarely happen in Kuwait.Kuwait has, a very strong Intelligence Agency, and a modern equipped police

Why Kuwait change from kout to Kuwait?

Because kuwaiti people always like to call things smaller .. so kout means small palace and because it's small they call it Kuwait .. not only this even chai = tea they say c

Who is Kuwait raja?

Kuwait Raja (KPR Raja) is a businessman and social leader. He founded the Kuwait Raja Social Movement, an umbrella organization for a wide variety of charity work for the poo
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Why is Kuwait the capital of Kuwait?

Because major government facilities are located in "Kuwait City" the capital of the country, same goes for the palace that the Emir resides in.
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How safe is Kuwait for gay people?

Lesbian sex is not illegal in Kuwait, but sex between men is. Menface a prison sentence of 6-10 years. On top of that, the socialclimate is so anti-gay, that people must be ve