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hmmm...lets see yes! she had 6 #1 hits on her first album (The Fame)! and that's only her first album.
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What song's does Lady Gaga sing?

Lady GaGa sings Just Dance, Poker Face, LoveGame, Paparazzi, Bad Romance, The Fame, Dance in the Dark, So Happy I could Die, Alejandro, Teeth, Telephone, Monster, Beautiful Di

What did Lady Gaga sing in 2010?

In 2010, Lady GaGa released 2 singles, "Telephone", which featured Beyonce, and "Alejandro". When Lady GaGa performs concerts, she usually sings these sets: Act 1: City . Int

Why did Lady Gaga sing Pokerface?

Because, she likes Pocker.. and She likes her face? and if you put them together, the word becomes pockerface-' that's why.. maybe?

Why does lady gaga sing about Michigan?

She doesn't mention Michigan in any of her songs at all! :/ Updated by someone else: Yes she does sing about Michigan. "You and I" apparently has been changed for diffreren

Is it a good idea to sing Judas by Lady Gaga?

Well I'm Catholic and I say yes. In my opinion, its not a bad song. If you listen closely you will find out that it isn't a bad song, and no its not the devil's music. I mean