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hmmm...lets see yes! she had 6 #1 hits on her first album (The Fame)! and that's only her first album.
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How long has Lady Gaga been singing for?

Lady Gaga has been singing pretty well all her life. At the age of 13 she wrote her first song. She began performing at the age of 14 at open mike nights. And, when she was 1

Is Lady Gaga a good singer?

A1. Lady GaGa is the best i love her songs .she rocks out. A2. She can sing fairly well...but not the best.

How did Lady Gaga start her singing carreer?

  Lady Gaga first started of singing in bars and clubs at age fourteen, and by the time she was nineteen, she was writing lyrics for the likes of Fergie, The PussyCat Doll

Did Lady Gaga quit singing?

No Lady Gaga is still a singer. she just has been staying out of the spot light because of bringing out a new album .

Who inspired Lady Gaga to sing?

Queen, who sang the song "radio gaga" is someone who inspired Lady Gaga to sing. David Bowie is also one of Lady Gaga's big inspirations

What 15 songs does Lady Gaga sing?

Bad Romance, Alejandro, Monster, Speechless, Dance in the Dark, Telephone, So Happy I Could Die, Teeth, Just Dance, Love Game, Paparazzi, Poker Face, I Like it Rough, Eh Eh(No

How did Lady Gaga start Singing?

Lady gaga started singing because she signed with streamline records imprint of interscope records.During her early time in interscope, she worked as a songwriter for fellow l

What song does Lady Gaga sing french in?

In the 2009 song "Bad Romance", Lady Gaga sings the chorus interlude in French. "Je veux ton amour, Et je veux ta revanche, Je veux ton amour" (I want your love, and I want yo

Why does lady gaga sing about Michigan?

She doesn't mention Michigan in any of her songs at all! :/ Updated by someone else: Yes she does sing about Michigan. "You and I" apparently has been changed for diffrerent

What are good Lady Gaga jokes?

Many "good" Lady Gaga jokes are too inappropriate to be listed here. However, here are some suitably appropriate ones: How do you get Lady Gaga's attention? Poke her face. Why

Is Lady Gaga good on piano?

She is an excellent pianist. She learned to play it by ear by the time she was 4 and had already written her own piano ballad by the age of 13.    If you ever have the