Is Nigeria a MEDC?

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No it's not, Nigeria is the 6th largest oil distributor in the world. It is an Medc ( most economically developed country. But due to corruption it is not living up to its full potential.

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What is an MEDC?

A More Economically Developed Country. For example, France, Germany, US, UK.

Is Greenland a medc?

Greenland can't be an M.E.D.C. since there is hardly anyone livingthere, and no international trade routes to speak of either.

Characteristics of an MEDC?

An MEDC is a "more economically developed country." Characteristicsof a country labelled this include successful trade agreements,wealth, purchase of raw materials to use in p

What is a medc?

MEDC stands for More Economically Developed Country/Countries Some examples are UK, USA, Canada, Japan, France, Australia, New Zealand The opposite is LEDC which stands for L

What is MEDCs?

MEDCs are 'more economically developed countries.' This acronym isused when indexing countries by things like gross domestic productor other economic factors.

Why is Germany a MEDC?

Germany is a MEDC because it has a high GDP per capita, it also hasindustry and it has services, like health care and schools.

Why is Alaska an MEDC?

Alaska is not an MEDC (More Economically Developed Country), but itis part of one, the United States. Alaska is a state, not acountry.
In Tonga

Is Tonga an medc?

hell noo. there are small pockets of developement, but overall no Tonga is an LEDC

Is Korea an medc?

The south is An Medc. It's definitely not developing. It's a very developed country. The north is a ledc. It has a LONG way to go...

Why is holland a medc?

Because they work hard. Export gas and bikes and a lot of flowers. World renouned bridge builders and they made the palm island in Dubai. During the 1600 and the 1700