Is Ringo Starr dead?

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No he is still alive and well.
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Who is Ringo Starr?

Ringo Starr is considered one of the best drummers of history, mainly notable in the Beatles (1962 - 1970). He continues his musical career today and has released many solo albums.

How much is Ringo Starr worth?

Ringo Starr (Richard Starkey) was originally (1960) paid $25 per week with the Beatles - with the promise that when they started to record and really make some money - he would be a full partner. About 1962 he was rewarded for his patience - and was paid 1/4 of all record sales and concert appearanc (MORE)

When did Ringo Starr die?

Ringo is not dead . He is alive and kicking once in a while he makes a personal appearance on a tv talk show.

Is Ringo Starr a Christian?

Yes. Here is a 2010 interview of Ringo saying he is a Christian (link below). Ringo Starr, who is half Jewish by birth, has said in a recent interview that he is searching for God. Let's hope that he finds Him.

How did Ringo Starr get his nickname?

"Ringo Starr" sounded like a cowboy name, which suited young Richard Starkey's love of Western movies. "Ringo" came from his fondness for wearing rings. ("Why do you wear so many rings on your fingers?" "Because I can't fit them all through my nose!") "Starr" came from a promoter wanting to bill (MORE)

How many wives has Ringo Starr had?

Ringo Starr has been married twice. First in February of 1965 to Maureen Cox; they divorced in 1975. He met his second wife Barbara Bach on the set of Caveman , and they were married in April of 1981.

How long was Ringo Starr with The Beatles?

It's slightly vague about when Ringo joined the band, but his first performance as a member of the Beatles was 18 August 1962 (he had occasionally sat in with the band). He stayed with the band until they split up, effectively in September 1970, but legally in 1975, so he was effectively in the ban (MORE)

Who is Ringo Starr married to?

Starr married Maureen Cox on 11 February 1965, and they had three children, Zak , Jason, and Lee; the couple divorced in 1975, and Cox died in 1994. In 1980, on the set of the film Caveman , he met actress Barbara Bach , who played the role of Major Anya Amasova (female lead and main ' Bond (MORE)

What did Ringo Starr do?

Richard Starkey (better known as Ringo Starr) played the drums for the Beatles. Now he makes his own music.

Where did Ringo Starr meet The Beatles?

The Beatles originally met Ringo Starr in Germany when he was the drummer for Rory Storm and the Hurricanes. He sat in with them a few times, when their drummer Pete Best wasn't available. When the Beatles auditioned for George Martin, he wasn't satisfied with Best's drumming, and wanted to replace (MORE)

Is Two of the Beatles dead John Lennon And Ringo Starr dead?

Two of the Beatles have died, yes. But not Ringo Starr. Ringo is alive and well along with Paul Mccartney, and both are still putting out music. John Lennon died in 1980 after being shot several times by a crazed fan. George Harrison died in 2001 after a long and painful battle with lung cance (MORE)

Is Ringo Starr blind?

No he most certainly is not. He wears his sunglasses because he finds his eyes unbecoming. Also, the make him look cool and cowboyish.

Who was Ringo Starrs wive?

His first wife was Maureen Cox, a hairdresser he married in 1965. They had three chidren, Zak, Jason and Lee. Ringo and Maureen divorced in 1975, and she died in 1994. Starr met his second wife, actress Barbara Bach, when they were filming the movie comedy "Caveman" in 1980. She probably is best rem (MORE)

Did Ringo Starr have any animals?

He has had a succession of dogs beginning with Tiger the poodle, when he was married to Maureen, and currently has a large brindle dog named Buster. His video updates usually include one or two other dogs, and for several years his web site's home page sported a photograph of his white cat.

Does Ringo Starr suck?

Define suck, if you mean 1. be very bad, disagreeable, or disgusting, then I think you probably are meaning 2, because even wondering about 1 is impossible. if you mean 2. draw into the mouth by contracting the muscles of the lip and mouth to make a partial vacuum, I'm sure he has the ability t (MORE)

Did Ringo Starr do any activities?

Yes! He was in some movies with his second wife Barbara Bach (nee Goldbach) and is in a band, Ringo Starr and his All-Starr Band. They had some hit songs, like Photograph, and Back off Boogaloo, and are still touring today.

Who was Ringos Starrs family?

Ringo Starr, wasn't is real name it was his show name. His real name was Richard Starskey. He did have a family, consisting of two sisters and a brother. His parents were divorced, and he didn't like talking about his family, that was Richard's family. Ringo's family consisted of the Beatles members (MORE)

Who is the real Ringo Starr?

The short British guy that was a drummer for the Beatles.The guy who was born in Liverpool, England in July 7, 1940. The guy who's real name is Richard Starkey. The guy who is a left handed drummer. The guy who was only 5'6". The guy who is still alive today in 2011 at the age of 64.

How do you write to Ringo Starr?

Sadly, since 2008, Ringo has given up fan mail. He both refuses to accept and reply. Sorry. You might sending him a message through Mike Myers or George Harrison, though.

Was Ringo Starr the drummer in The Beatles?

Ringo Starr was the longest serving and most well-known drummer for the Beatles, but he was not the first. Pete Best was the first drummer, and he has gone on to make a name for himself with his own band.

How did Ringo Starr do at school?

Not too well. He was often sick as a child, and would spend months at a time out of school. In fact, his neighbor had to teach him how to read.

Who was Ringo Starr married too?

Maureen Starkey, Barbara Bach Starr married Maureen Cox in February 1965, the couple divorced in 1975, and Cox died in 1994. In 1980, on the set of the film Caveman , he met actress Barbara Bach. They were married on 27 April 1981.

Where did Ringo Starr career begin?

When the band formed in 1960, Ringo Starr was a member of another Liverpool band, Rory Storm and the Hurricanes. He became the Beatles' drummer in August 1962, taking the place of Pete Best .

Who inspired Ringo Starr?

It is not known who influenced Ringo Starr, but since he was the last person to join the Beatles, it could have been the Beatles themselves who inspired Starr.

Why did Ringo Starr join the beetles?

Ringo Starr was first in a band called the Hurricanes, but he was a fan of the Beatles, so when the previous drummer left, he took the opportunity to replace him. The previous drummer was Pete Best, who was fired by Brian Epstein for lacking proper drumming skills.

When did Ringo Starr quit cigarettes?

He probably saw that they were doing more harm than good. I'm unclear when he quit them but Paul McCartney quit when George Harrison was diagnosed with cancer; that eventually spread and led on to kill him.

What is Ringo Starr most famous for?

Ringo Starr is an English musician and singer. He became famous as a drummer for a legendary group "The Beatles". Ringo Starr is a vegetarian and is 72 years old now.

Did Ringo Starr play the trumpet?

No Ringo only ever played the drums. you may have become confused with Paul McCartney started to learn to play trumpet when he was 14 but gave it up to play the Guitar.