Is South Africa a state of Africa?

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The Republic of South Africa (RSA) is an independent nation state (a country) in the continent of Africa. It is not a state in the sense in which the word is used for the states in the USA.
So many individuals often times think that South Africa has other countries within it however, the answer is no. In essence, South Africa is a completely independent country and a republic at the southern most part of Africa and is the main hub of business activities among other southern African countries in this region.
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Is South Africa a capitalist state?

\n. \n. south africa is a democratic state,therefore democracy drives capitalism so south africa is a capitalist state which allows free trade \n.

South Africa as as developmental state?

yes south africa is a developing state in the sense that it is a multi part state hence it allows other political and pressure groups to participate in the gorvanance of the s

Do they have a state council in South Africa?

no its a free for all warzone HOGWASH: South Africa, like every other country in the world, has got its problems, most notably crime and drugs. However, if you stay away f

Is South Africa a communist state?

Although South Africa is not considered a communist state the current ruling party, namely the African National Congress, holds an agreement, known as the Tripartite Alliance,

Is South Africa unitary state?

Depends on your definition. We have a central government and then provincial governments for each of the nine provinces.

What is the state of unions in South Africa today?

Assuming you mean their trade and labor unions, their tradeunions are recognized within the 1996 Constitution of South Africa,which provides for the right to join trade unions