Is The last item on an ingredient list the predominant ingredient in that food product?

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It depends on your recipe. In oatmeal raisin cookies, it's most likely raisins, so it would be pretty important. But in a sauce or casserole or something of the sort, it could be a spice like oregano or even salt. in this situation, it wouldn't be the predominant ingredient.
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Where can you find the ingredient list for Melaleuca products?

You can usually find them on the back of the containers they came in. also if you go the site, when you click on a certain product, there is a tab that says labe

What food item is an ingredient in dynamite?

Peanuts are sometimes used in dynamite, in the form of peanut oil. Some manufacturers use it to make glycerol, which is an ingredientof nitroglycerine, although it is not an e

How are ingredients listed on a food label?

By weight, with the ingredient that has the highest weight first. Exceptions include listing ingredients at the end with 2% or less. These can be in any order.

What can the ingredients list of a food product tell you?

When you are shopping for heart-healthy groceries, you will want toreview two sources of information on a food's package: theNutrition Facts panel that lists the amount of var

How are ingredients listed on food packaging?

Ingredients are listed by amount. If the first ingredient listed on a bottle of hand lotion is water, the main ingredient is water. Likewise in food. If the first two ingredie
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What is the most ABUNDANT ingredient in a food with the following ingredients list?

The most abundant ingredient in an ingredient list of a food is basically the first one. Example: Gatorade (Orange) WATER, SUGAR, DEXTROSE, CITRIC ACID, NATURAL FLAVOR, SALT,