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Is a 401K affected by bankruptcy?

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No. It is protected by law.
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How do repossession and bankruptcy affect your credit?

Those very much effect your credit, With bankruptcy your debts are cleared, However everything you have gets taken away, and you have to live 7 years without being able to eve

Can you take money out of your 401k after you file bankruptcy?

  Answer   Yes, but not until your discharge. If you take money out of a 401K after you file and before discharge, the money is no longer exempt and could be taken b

If your spouse files bankruptcy will this affect you and your credit?

  Answer     It will affect any accounts that you own jointly. The public record should not show on your credit report but the accounts that are included in bk w

Will filing for bankruptcy affect you as an insurance agent?

It shouldn't. Many people in all different professions have filed bankruptcy, including lawyers, physicians, teachers, etc., which should have no bearing as to what line of wo

How will filing bankruptcy affect your tax returns?

If all of the debt is cancelled, or forgiven, you may still receive a 1099-C for Cancellation of Debt from the lenders who cancelled the debt. These can sometimes take years t

Does a bankruptcy affect your general contractors license?

if you are asking this queston, you should noy have a license That is a very stupid response. Many general contractors - especially in Florida have had to declare personal ban

Will a business bankruptcy affect your personal credit?

If your business credit is established  as a completely separate entity from your personal credit, then you  can reduce the risk of having your personal credit and assets 

Does filing bankruptcy affect getting a license to practice law?

It can be a complication, since authorities do an extensive background check on applicants, and "financial responsibility" is one area looked at before granting a license to p

Can i withdrawl my 401k while in chapter 13 bankruptcy in Louisiana?

Bankruptcy is a federal procedure in a federal court. What state you are in is irrelevant except for exemptions. Your 401(k) balance is exempt by federal law, but once you wit