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Is a lump sum disability claim settlement taxable?

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Like structured settlements, lump sum settlements received as a result of a judgment in the case of injury or disability are not taxable, either. And, if the recipient of the award is relatively young, a structured settlement may be the worst option available, because it does not account for inflation or future changes in lifestyle. The advice of a qualified financial advisor or Certified Financial Planner should be sought before determining if a structured settlement is even a viable option. The reason most insurance companies will push for a structured settlement is because the insurance company wins by doing so. If a dollar today is worth more than a dollar a year from now due to inflation, of course the insurance company would prefer to pay you a flat rate per month for the rest of your life, rather than give you a large lump sum in cash. Believe me, if it sounds too good to be true, it probably is. Measure twice. Cut once.
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Generally settlements are not taxable. Some insurance payments are taxable in certain circumstances. Disability payments received on a policy that the premiums were completely

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VA Disability Benefits You do NOT include disability benefits you receive from the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) in your gross income. In particular some of the pay

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Whether or not private disability insurance BENEFITS are subject to Federal income tax is based primarily on whether the PREMIUMS for that coverage were paid with pre-tax or p

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  Your VA Disability check is NOT taxable. VA Disability is a compensation NOT earned income.

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Yes alimony is taxable to the receiving party and deductible to the paying party.

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The advantage of a lump sum settlement is that one does not have to pay tax on it. The money has already been paid, so there is no worry about arrears.

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  Depends. If you paid the premiums with after-tax dollars, then the payouts are tax-free. However, if your employer paid them and did not dedcut them from your pay, then

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  it's an appropriation (or budget) allocated for an item that is not specific as to purpose or scope. In a sense this is a budget defect because the money (of the public)
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Many contracts will offer different payment offers such as a large amount of money that can be deposited at the beginning or smaller payments that are distributed over time wh

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The general rule of thumb is no, SSDI or SSI are not taxable provided they are the only source of income for an individual or family, however if an individual or family receiv