Is a person with dual citizenship at birth natural born?

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Many scholars agree that if an individual meets the requirements of a citizen at the time of birth then they are natural born but there is actually no definition for natural born citizen. This means that whether someone with dual citizenship at birth is natural born could be debated. Most would say that this individual is a natural born but it is not defined anywhere in law.
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Can your child claim dual citizenship if she is a US citizen by birth but her father is Mexican?

of Mexican Nationality (by birth) This document is issued to individuals who are Mexican citizens by birth and who were born in Mexico, or abroad and whose father or mother or both are Mexican, and who when over 18 years of age acquired or made use of another nationality prior to March 20, 1998 and (MORE)

How does a U.S. citizen get dual citizenship if you were born in the U.S. and your mother is a Mexican citizen?

Mexico does not recognize dual citizenship. Actually I read this: "If you are an American because you were born in the USA, but have at least one parent who is a Mexican(or has both citizenships) you are also a Mexican citizen no matter what. If that is your case, the Mexican government (their (MORE)

Child is born in Canada to an American father and Canadian mother Can child have dual citizenship?

I am a Canadian born person. My mother is from the US and my father is Canadian. However, my mother became a Canadian citizen months before I was born. I am told that I have citizenship in both countries but I'm not sure what all the rules and regulations involved with that are. If you are in a posi (MORE)

What specifically is a natural born citizenship?

In the American context, it means a person who became a citizen by birth. In other words, somebody born on U.S. soil and not someone who became a citizen by naturalization. In a legal context, the original meaning (pre-1865) was a white male born on U.S. soil. African-Americans could not be citizens (MORE)

Can a U.S. citizenship apply for dual citizenship?

Yes. Currently, a U.S. citizen can apply for citizenship in another country (i.e. Naturalization) without losing U.S. citizenship. A person with a US citizenship can become a citizen of another country through any means other than naturalization. Applying to get naturalized when the person is alr (MORE)

Does Obama have dual citizenship?

Currently, Obama only has American citizenship. But, he was a dual citizen of both the United States and Kenya until the age of 23, after which he lost his Kenyan citizenship due to the Kenyan constitution limit. There is speculation that because Kenya was a British Colony at the time of Obama's bir (MORE)

How long can you keep dual citizenship?

Generally, as long as you want. Some counties (UK for example) allow citizenship to be revoked by the government unilaterally (i.e. they think you're a terrorist, and you have citizenship in another country. Cannot lose U.S. citizenship unless you revoke it, in person, outside the U.S. at an embassy (MORE)

Can one lose their 'natural-born citizenship'?

No, once you have been born into a country you remain a citizen of that country even if you immigrate.. Certain rights of a US citizen can be suspended or revoked if that person has been convicted of a criminal felony.

How can you lose dual citizenship?

Although another country may grant citizenship in their country to a U.S. citizen the U.S. does not recognize or grant dual citizenship. A U.S. citizen "forswears allegiance" to any other power.. See: (MORE)

Does the US recognize dual citizenship?

I am a dual citizen. One is the USA. The other was obtained by living in a Latin American country for 5 years. The US recognizes the fact that many people have dual citizenships, but they always expect that you will put the US first. The other countries do as well. Its a political game. Voting and (MORE)

Can a naturalized us citizen born in Germany hold dual citizenship?

United States law does not recognize dualcitizenship. When you applied for your Naturalization, You took anoath of faith and loyalty to the United States and made anagreement to uphold and abide by all its laws. Your oath is inessence your assertion that above all other countries you havechosen The (MORE)

How can your daughter an American citizen born in Canada obtain dual citizenship?

If you are an foreign citizen residing in Canada, you are NOT an foreign diplomat, and your child is born in Canada, you can apply for his/her Canadian birth certificate. When you receive the birth certificate, the child is officially a Canadian citizen and you can apply for his/her Canadian passpor (MORE)

My grandparents were born in Europe. Can I get a dual citizenship?

It depends where your grandparents were from. For example, if they were from Italy, you can but there are limitations and complications. The best way to find out: contact the embassy or consulate of the country that they were from, tell them your situation, and they will tell you.

Can a person holding a US Canadian Dual Citizenship run for Congress?

According to, the requirements are US citizenship for at least 9 years, 30 years of age, and a resident of the state he/she is being elected from. I believe that the dual citizenship does not change anything.

You were born in Malta in 1956 of American parents Do you have dual citizenship?

In 1964 Dual citizenship is severely restricted in Malta therefore the previous births will follow that rules and must have not the dual citizenship, it would be the American. In 1989 when the Malta citizenship became allowed at birth then again it was only to those infants whose parents have Maltia (MORE)

Can you have dual citizenship US and Indian?

India does not allow dual citizenship. But you can apply and get a passport-like booklet, at the nearest embassy and consulate general, that will allow you to travel to India visa-free.

If parents were born in Yugoslavia can you obtain a dual citizenship to this country?

The country of Yugoslavia no longer exists. It has broken up into 6independent countries. You would need to find out what part of the former Yugoslavia yourparents were born in, and then contact the appropriate embassy forTHAT country in your OWN country. For example, if your parents wereborn in Cr (MORE)

Does Poland allow dual citizenship?

The rules of dual citizenship are quite easy to understand. Most countries neither deny or recognizes dual citizenship. However, if you are a dual citizen you must enter the country with the country's passport you own.

Does Mexico allow dual citizenship?

It allows it but does not recognize the foreign citizenship(s) of a Mexican national. This means that you should enter and leave Mexico using your Mexican passport and, while in Mexico, you are not allowed to seek consular assistance from your other country(ies) of citizenship if you get in troubl (MORE)

Does Taiwan allow dual citizenship?

Once a person gets naturalized( Note:Naturalization) as a US Citizen, he/she cannot become a citizen of Taiwan as it is prohibited by the law of that country.

Can an American obtain dual citizenship?

It depends which country he wants to become a citizen of. For example, Canada, Australia, the UK, Italy and France: Yes. Germany, Norway, Japan, South Korea and Spain: NO.

Does Denmark accept dual citizenship?

The law of citizenship does not allow dual citizenship except under exceptional circumstances. Such as: . If a child of a Danish citizen is born in a country where they grant citizenship by birth (e.g. the US, Canada and Brazil); . If one of the parents has a foreign citizenship, the child can (MORE)

Where can you apply for dual citizenship?

Dual Citizenship means you are a citizen of two countries at the same time. Not all countries allow this. If you acquire a new citizenship then you often have to give up the old one. The rules for acquiring citizenship vary greatly and are often complicated. They usually require you to be a leg (MORE)

Can a person with dual citizenship have passports from both countries?

THIS IMPORTANT! Some countries do not allow a person to have their Passport and anyother. This is punishable with penalties of Passport andCitesenship Revocation to DEATH. Many many countries allow persons to cary and posses two passports.I have Canada and USA Just rember most countries only allo (MORE)

How does an american get dual citizenship for the philippines?

The Department of State is responsible for determining thecitizenship status of a person located outside the United States orin connection with the application for a U.S. passport while in theUnited States. One has to contact this department and apply for thedual citizenship.

What is the meaning of dual citizenship?

Dual citizenship or dual nationality is allowed in the UK. Thismeans you can be a British citizen and also a citizen of anothercountry. Not every country will grant dual citizenship.