Is a pony a young horse?

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No. A pony is not a horse at all. It is a member of the Equine family but it is not a horse. Here are your classifications, you have a miniature horse which is any horse under 48 inches of height, then you have a pony which stands at a height of anywhere between 14.2 hands and 48 inches, then you have your regular horse that is anything about 14.2 hands.So I have a little different take on this thread. A pony is any animal (horse) that
is under 14.3. Anything above 14.3 a horse. Any breed can produce a pony sized animal.
Miniature horses are called horses because they were "bred down" to the size they are without the use of any of the pony breeds...or so the story goes.
Miniature horse people like the idea of miniatures as a small horse as opposed to a pony hence the name. However, from a technical standpoint, based only on height, they are a pony.
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Is a pony a horse?

NO. A pony is in the horse family like a donkey is. They have different breeds from horses but, horses under a certain height are somtimes called ponies, but they are short ho

What is a young pony called?

A baby pony of either sex is called a foal. A male foal is called a colt and a female foal is called a filly. These are the same terms used to describe young horses,

What is a young pony?

A young pony is called the same thing as a young horse. A baby is a foal, a female foal is a filly, a male foal is a colt. A foal that is under 1 year old but is no longer wit

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Horses do NOT have ponies. Ponies are an entirely different category, which is based on size. Horses have foals, which are categorized as colts, or male foals, and fillies, or

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a_pony_is_14.2_hands_and_under_and_a_horse_is_any_thing_over_that"> a pony is 14.2 hands and under and a horse is any thing over that UNLESS, it is a miniature horse. Minia

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