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A place for storing cars?

  A Garage, junk yard or storage facility.

Why do you store potatoes in a dark place?

  When potatos are exposed to light, they turn green and increase glycoalkaloid production. This is a natural defense to help prevent the uncovered tuber from being eaten.

What is safe place to store jewelry?

Most people store precious jewellery in a safe. My Grandma used to sell second-hand diamond rings, and she kept them in a lard container in the fridge - the reasoning being t

A place for storing grain?

a place for storing grain could be in a granary but I am not sure so if it could be a granary.

Where is the best place to store popcorn?

The best place to store popcorn would be in a place at room temperature. There is a certain amount of moisture in each kernel that makes it pop and if you put it in the freeze

What do you call the place where grain is stored?

Grain is stored in what is called a Granary (also called Grainery or Grainary, depending on where you live). Grain is also stored in a Grain Elevator, a Silo, or a Grain Bin.

The place where water is stored?

  There are a few terms. Water can be stored in a reservoir. Reservoirs can be natural lakes; they can also be made with dams and dikes, as is the case with the Quabbin Re

What is the best place to store cakes?

  A cool, dry place. If you wrap them up or cover them, place them in a cool fridge and they can last for a few days there.

What is the name of the place you store wheat in?

depends on what stage the wheat is in. growin stage its stored in a field after harvest its stored in a silo or bin after its milled into flour and packaged its stored in a b

A place where grain is stored?