Is a vinyl strip a conductor or a insulator?

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How do you strip and seal vinyl floors?

waxing kentile . I have old (20 plus probably) Kentile flooring in my home that I would like to wax. They are very dull and only stay shiny for a short period of time when

Why are conductors insulated?

To contain the energy in the conductor . Conductors are insulated to prevent the escape of energy from within them. Without insulators, the conductors will usually release

Insulators and conductors?

are you stuck on the learning assed task wiring a house? is the question.... Described materials in the circuit as conductors and insulators? because i am stuck!

What are conductors and insulators?

A conductor allows energy to move or flow, while an insulator prevents or impedes the flow of energy. Most commonly, that energy is electricity or heat.

What is a insulator and conductor?

A insulator is a object a that stops the traveling of heat, electricity, and other stuff. A conductor is a thing that lets heat or electricity go through it..

What is insulator and conductor?

In a conductor, electric current can flow freely, in an insulator it cannot. Metals such as copper typify conductors, while most non metallic solids are said to be good insula

A conductor differs from an insulator in that a conductor is an?

A conductor is a material that has one or a few electrons in the outer shell of its atoms. These electrons are easily knocked loose, or are already moving about in the materia

What is a conductor and a insulator?

conductors are mostly metal and insulators are non-metal. Conductors allows charges to move free through them Insulators doesn't allow charges to move through them

What do conductors and insulators do?

Conductors transmit, while insulators don't. Usually, they transmitelectricity and/or heat. Usually, they poorly transmit electricityand/or heat (insulators). Usually, the cla

What is an insulator and conductor?

An insulator, also called a dielectric , is a material that resists the flow of electric charge . In insulating materials valence electrons are tightly bonded to their

What is a conductor and what is an insulator?

A conductor allows energy (such as electricity or heat) to pass through it with little resistance or impediment. Copper is a good example, as it is very good at transferring b