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Is a waist cincher or corset better for shrinking your waist?

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It depends on wether you want to shrink your waist permanently, even when you don't wear a corset, or just temporarily to get the minimum waist circumference you can achieve.
For permanent shrinking a full corset worn 24/7 will be best. But be aware this will move bones and organs permanently, because your body will adapt to the corset. There are pics on the web, that show ladies who do wear their corsets 24 hrs a day displaying what their waists look like when they take the corset off. All I can say is... incredible!
For temporary waist shrinking a waist cincher may be better. If you would like to achieve an extremely tiny waist circumference, the more narrow the cincher is, the tighter you will be able to make it. If you even replace it with a normal waist belt 1 or 2 inches wide, you will be able to reach extreme results. I can pull in my waist to about 19 inches with a belt, while my normal waist circumference is 29 inches...!
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