Is ancient Greece and Greece the same?

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Greece is a country existing from the 19th century onwards. Ancient Greece is a phrase for all the cities-states in the area where the Greek state is located today.
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What is Ancient Greece?

The many hundreds of Greek city-states which stretched from Spainand Africa to Asia Minor around the Mediterranean, Adriatic, Aegeanand Black Seas during the period 600 BCE to

Where was Ancient Greece?

Ancient Greece (Hellas as they called it) was distributed around the Mediterranean and Black Seas . It was not a country but hundreds of independent city-states which adopt

How are ancient rome and ancient Greece the same?

They're not the same, however the Romans adopted a lot of Greek ideas and integrated with their own. The Greeks invented catapults, and the Romans improved on it and invented

What is the same about ancient Greece and ancient Rome?

Ancient Rome and ancient Greece (specifically Athens) were similar in many ways. When the ancient Romans conquered Greece they were inspired by the Greek culture and transferr

How does ancient Greece compare to Greece?

Ancient Greece had much less technology, and their democracy (direct democracy) is very different from the current Greek democracy. Also, Ancient Greece believed in Greek gods

Is ancient Greece and ancient Greek the same?

Greece is a noun we use to describe territory of the ethnic Greeks,who lived in over 2,000 independent city-states.. Greek is eitherthe language or an adjective describing the