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Is archbishop Zachary kakobe of full gospel bible fellowship mwenge Tanzania a freemasons member?

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No.he is not.he is an annointed man of God,and God has been using him in a very special way,that is the reason many people are relating him with free masons,because they are not used to see the great miracles in this ages.
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Fellowship mentioned in the Bible?

  Yes it is. In 2 Co 6:14, 13:14. In John 1:6-7 Acts 2:42 ( and I believe many other places. Hope this helped. God Bless you.

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How do you join freemason in Tanzania?

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The Bible tells us that you are to fellowship and worship with other Christians but where in the Bible does it say or imply that you are to become members of a church?

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What is fellowship in The Bible?

Fellowship is spending time with fellow believers and discussing God's word and also just spending time with people who share common beliefs and morals.
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