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Is cbhe delhi is a fake boardor not?

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it is a valid board
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What were the challenges (research, literary, psychological, and logistical) in bringing your book, "Invisible Stars: A Social History of Women in American Broadcasting," to life?

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Cbhe board is valid for a Job?

CBHE is is not a recognized Board from the government and there  fore it is not valid to apply job with it.

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Budget Friendly Things to See and Do in Delhi

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What can you do in Delhi?

You can visit the Red Fort, at one time there was an evening light and sound show about the history of the fort and the region.

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Which is the river of DELHI?

  Yamuna is the river passing through Delhi. I originates from place Yamnotri in Himalayas and merges in another river Ganga (also known as Ganges). The merged river is kn (MORE)

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Who discovered delhi?

mythologically it is believed that delhi was discovered by the pandavas and named as indraprastha but if we think it as a myth we can accept thet it was found by the tomar dyn (MORE)

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When did Delhi become New Delhi?

Delhi is a state which has got several districts. One of the district is New Delhi which is the central part of the Delhi state. India Gate, CP, Parliament, Supreme court and (MORE)