Is dicalcium phosphate safe to eat?

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it is acutely toxic n non combustible .
It should not be eaten/swallowed.
Eye contact skin contact,inhalation.

However it can be used as or in-
Animal feed supplement, food supplement, dentrifice,
medicine, glass, fertilizer, stabilizer for plastics, dough
conditioner, yeast food.

Some of this is a repeat of the above, but 'acutely' toxic might be considered an overstatement compared to other things we eat.

is from the chemical family of Phosphate Salts.

The ICL Performance Products LP Material Safety Data Sheet does NOT list this as a highly toxic substance.

However, it can be found in many products that should be used with great care or not at all. This includes pharmaceuticals and 'underground supplements.' It also includes bread! The amount you take in makes a difference.

It is used primarily in animal feed, as a human food ingredient, a 'filler' or 'tableting' agent in medications (not as an active ingredient, simply something to hold a tablet together) in toothpaste and as an agricultural chemical.

If handled without proper precautions, it can result in a rash or other skin irritations, if inhaled, serious irritation of the mucus membrane will result.

There are also of course concerns about possible impurities in the Dicalcium Phosphate Dihydrate itself.

In addition to DiCalcium Phosphate, it is called DCPD; Calcium Monohydrogen Phosphate; Dicalcium Orthophosphate Dihydrate; Calcium Phosphate Dibasic.

I am not an expert! I do know how to read loads of warnings and compare sites. Look out for yourselves.
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Dear sir, Good day my friend.Our factory mainly produce DCP about 18%,19%.feed grade. If you need,Pls do feel free to contact us. My Skype:rubyruby2568 Looking forward to your reply. BEST WISHES Ruby

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