Is diversity a source of discrimination?

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What is the ultimate source of all genetic diversity?

Mutation is the ultimate source of all genetic diversity. Virusesthat infect bacteria are bacteriophages. A mutation within a genethat will insert a premature stop codon in mR

What are two sources of genetic diversity in meiosis?

When crossing over occurs, (the homologous pairs swap parts of each other), it results in the four haploid daughter cells being unique, because crossing over doesn't happen at

What is diversity discrimination?

Since no US employment law requires appearance diversity (race, sex) in any employer's workforce, it would be illegal to give appearance any weight in hiring or assignment.

What were the sources of the prejudice and discrimination for Mormons?

Joseph Smith, who founded the Mormons, claimed to be a prophet who received revelations from God. Naturally, leaders of other faiths, who did not speak with God, felt threaten

What are some sources of prejudice or discrimination against Jehovah's Witnesses?

There are several religions that have what might be called acult-like aura or appearance because they teach things that arequite different from the 'mainstream' religions. The