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Is ethanol and acid or alkaline?

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It is neutral.
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Are acidic and alkaline both alkaline?

No, an acid is an acid and an alkaline is alkaline. They are essentially opposites and will react with one another. The product depends on the specific reactants

How you convert acetic acid into ethanol?

Ethanol is produced from acetic acid by esterifying the acetic acid with an olefin having at least 4 carbon atoms, hydrogenating the ester obtained into ethanol and a higher a

Is humic acid acidic or alkaline?

Humic acid pH 4-6 ,week acidic ,lower activity .when mixed with KOH or NaOH,after reaction they will become Humic acid salt that is to say humte, is soluble in water.more deta

Is uric acid alkaline or acidic?

Acidic. It forms a tautomer in which the oxygen atoms bond with the H atoms of the NH in the ring. The hydrogen atoms can then be easily donated. Under the Bronsted-Lowry theo

How do you obtain acetic acid from ethanol?

Fermentation. This is an action by microbes where they turn ethanol to ethanoic acid. For example, vinegar is made from fermented wine. H H H- C- C- OH + O2 H H Ethano