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Is fidelity net benefits a 401k retirement plan?

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Fidelity Net Benefits is a 401k retirement plan company that also offers workplace savings tips and financial advice in order to get the most out of your retirement savings plan.
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What is a 401k plan?

A 401(k) plan is a "savings" plan that allows an employee to put aside money from his paycheck before any taxes are calculated on it. In other words, there are no federal or s

Is fidelity 401K FDIC insured?

  Per the FDIC website: http://www.fdic.gov/consumers/consumer/information/fdiciorn.html   What Is Not Insured? Increasingly, institutions are also offering consumers

What types of retirement plans 401ks or IRAs might be best for retirement?

The right answer is, It Depends. I like a ROTH IRA. Here we pay tax on our contributons. Qualified distributions from a ROTH IRA are tax free. The ROTH IRA also allows us to t

How long does it take to get distribution from fidelity 401k?

I work for Fidelity so can tell you that it depends. Your old employer may require paperwork. If so, it could take around 21 days before you get a check. If your old employer

What are the benefits of having a Fidelity 401k?

Having a Fidelity 401k helps you to be better prepared for retirement. It allows you and probably forces you to put away money on a regular basis so that you have a "nest egg"

What are the disadvantages of a Fidelity 401K?

Disadvantages of a Fidelity 401K include poor customer service (even if you invest a large amount of money), issues with transferring accounts incorrectly from other instituti