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Is hibernation an instinct?

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Yes it sure is It is not learned
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What is hibernating?

Hibernation is when an animal goes to rest for the winter season to stay warm. Not all animals hibernate. Hibernating results in a deep sleep over a period of time that lim

What is a instinct?

instinct is natural calling or voice. instinct is similar with  intuition.

What are instincts?

a behavior that is passed from parents to offspring    Instinct is the intuitive way of acting or thinking of a person or  an animal. It is also defined as a typical fix

What is to hibernate?

  hibernate means stand by HIBERNATION is a state of regulated hypothermia undergone by some animals to conserve energy during the winter. to pass the winter in a torp

How do you get out of hibernation?

If you can't get out of hibernate, you (most likely) have a serious problem. Obviously you tried to turn it back on with the power button, so that can't be your problem. Try t

Do you hibernate?

Human beings do not but some animals do.
In Snakes

What is a snakes instinct?

The same as nearly every other animal on this planet - survival and  reproduction.
In Ravens

What are a ravens instincts?

raven instincts are that they learn how to fly from there parents and learn how to find food and finally live on there own and find a mate.