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Is hockey the most dangerous sport or gymnastics?

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well, i would say gymnastics is more dangerous b/c it is more likely you would mess up in gymnastics then in hockey. in gymnastics you cold mess one of your tricks up very easily and hurt yourself. in hockey the only time you get hurt is when your checked or something and usally you don't get hurt alot from checking.
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Is gymnastics the most challenging sport?

Gymnastics is, in fact, one of the most challenging sports. Strength is a huge factor in gymnastics. Gymnastics is 10% physical and 90% mental. You have to train your mind to

Is gymnastics th second most dangerous sport?

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What type of gymnastics is most dangerous?

  i think that artistic would be the most dangerous because your doing tumbles and the beam and at any time if you bend over at the wrong time or something your likely to

Is field hockey a dangerous sport?

Any sport is dangerous if you don't wear a cup. Case closed.   For the most part, it's fine; occasionally things go wrong (and I've seen people, as well as myself, go to

Why is gymnastics the most active sport?

  probably because you need all different kinds of strength including arm, stomach, and leg strength. you need to be able to run and keep up your energy...mostly for floor

What sport is harder gymnastics or hockey?

The way i see it they both have their own difficulties as they both require a different set of skills; ie. gymnastics requires strength, balance and flexibility where hockey r

Is hockey the most dangerous sport?

not even close.  No one has died playing hockey in the NHL or it's minor leagues and very few have died playing in junior, university and international leagues. The most dang