Is hulu desktop free?

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No, if it requires any kind of investment other then signing up, then by definition it's not free. The inability of various and sundry web sites to understand the meaning of this four letter word is astounding. FREE, means FREE, not free if you pay this fee or are required to meet unspecified parameters that you'll not find out about till your emeshed in the net of bait and switch sales. Hulu Free online movies, are not FREE!
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What is Hulu?

Note: The following was pulled directly from the page. The link can be found as a related link below. Overview Hulu is an online video service that offers hi

Is hulu free?

There's a free version and a subscription version. I'm not surewhat the difference is, though from what I've heard the biggestdifference is that you get to pay for the subscri

What is the hulu? is a website where you can legally watch full videos of TV shows and some movies, all virus free too.

How do you download hulu videos for free on to itunes?

Jaksta works great! I have tried a whole bunch of other products and this is the best! Not free but very cheap. StreamTransport can do it well. you can have a try, it is

Is a hulu account free?

Yes! I've got Hulu and it is free. I do not have Hulu Plus, however and believe it costs.

Is Hulu really a free website?

yes, you just have to watch advertisements in your videos, usually 3 ten second commercials or something like that, so yeah pretty much.
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Is Hulu TV free to watch?

Yes is free to watch online. They stream shows and movies, but they don't have the biggest selection.
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Is hulu virus free?

Yes, considering videos are not posted by random users and by big companies like FOX, Lifetime, Comedy Central, etc.... it is virus free.
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Why is Hulu removing its ad-supported free streaming service?

According to Hulu, the free services were getting so limited thatthey weren't worthy of the "Hulu experience." Ben Smith, who is aSenior VP at Hulu said the following in a pub