Is it a felony for Battery on a person over 65 years old in Arkansas?

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How can persons 65 years old and over reduce or avoid income taxes on investments and social security income?

The best way is to keep your income low and to use tax advantagedways of investing. The income levels for social security changedepending on your marital status. Using single

Who in Gresham OR will rent to a person with a one year old felony?

There are many apartments in the 164th/Stark/Division that seem to be pretty open about tenants. You do want to know that the City of Gresham has the right to inspect any r

Does a felony stay with a person under 18 years old?

That depends. If the minor was waived to adult court and tried as an adult, then yes it will stay on your record for life.. If the minor was tried as a minor in the juvenile

What year should a person be born to be 65 years old?

Given the current year of 2010, if someone had already celebrated their birthday today, they would have been born in 2010 - 65 = 1945. If they had not yet celebrated their bir
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How do you get felonies dropped from two different states over 20 years old?

Your question requires more specific facts. Were these charges concluded and a Judgment and Sentence imposed, or was the defendant a fugitive for 20 years. If probation or par