Is it bad luck to have bananas on a boat?

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Are bananas bad for you?

actually, eating too many bananas will cause you to camp out on the toilet. they're mostly potassium, fiber, and sugar, in that order

What is bad luck?

Bad luck is a thing that people try to avoid.Bad luck is when your life suddenly is bad. For example you were planning to have a picnic the next day.When you wake up its nice

What are the bad lucks?

It's bad luck to walk under a ladder, for a black cat to cross your path, to break a mirror, and the number 13 is unlucky.

How do you get bad luck?

Well the worst way is if you break a mirror 7 YEARS!!!!!!!!!! badluck or if you walk under a ladder bad luck or if you see a blackcat and it pass in front of you or if you get

Is it bad luck to rename a boat?

YES it is so dont change the name It is bad luck if you dont follow the proper renaming ceremony Here is a link that will help, trust me, make sure you do the Ceremony. I

Are bananas bad luck on a boat?

It is considered to be bad luck in the Hawaiian culture because the sailors there would always take bananas with them on the boat, the bananas would always rot around the time

Is a banana bad for you?

It depends if the banana has gone bad but usually it isn't for it's packed with vitamins and potassium.
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Why is bad luck to take a pasty on a boat?

Firstly, it isn't; there's really no such thing as "bad luck" in the sense of "if you do this, you'll have bad luck." Secondly, you should ask whoever told you this where o
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Does good luck and bad luck exits?

yes good luck and bad luck exits because when i found a penny on "HEADS" i got good luck i got ice cream i got a boyfriend and found a "100" dollar bill bad luck exits beacuse
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What are bananas bad for?

Eating more than one in a day will make you gain weight because it is a "sweet fruit" and has fat.
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Why banana bad for you?

Banana is only bad when it is raw.Bananas are not really bad for you.