Is it bad luck to have bananas on a boat?

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Does 'luck of the Irish' mean bad luck?

Not really. Irish wear a lot of green. A lucky clover is green. So,basically it means good luck. Also you might just be superstitious. love and peace funnygal709 :) Actually the phrase did indeed refer to Bad Luck. There's also a variation on Murphy's Law: 'If it can go wrong, it will. 'Tis the luck of the Irish."

Are bananas bad for you?

actually, eating too many bananas will cause you to camp out on the toilet. they're mostly potassium, fiber, and sugar, in that order

Is the Buddha good luck or bad luck?

Answer . Buddhism requires one to live a deep and simple life away from worldly distractions, pleasures and pitfalls. If you adhere to the concepts of Buddhism and find peace within yourself it can be presumed Buddha is good luck- if Being a Buddhist distances yourself from things you value, such as family, exotic foods movies or world travel it might make you unhappy and therefore be perceived as bad luck. Luck can be considered coincidence, divine, or even earned so it is all based on what you believe. . Answer . Good luck. Answer . If you know the methodology of "Probability", you will not believe in good luck or bad luck.. he is very wise, anti-racise, a super hero, a god of vevenge, a bolt of lighting from the clear sky.. Answer . Buddha is God of Luck. So Much Content may be found here, just click on any item and it will provide so much information about good luck buddha

Are black cats bad luck?

They aren't, but I wouldn't fuss over it. I'm one of those peoplewho believe in bad luck. But black cats aren't. They just thinkthat because in the cartoons witches always have black cats.

Is breaking a mirror bad luck?

Technically their is no such thing as bad luck so no. But in superstition terms as far as I know breaking a mirror is 7 years bad luck. So if you broke one RUN THE HECK AWAY FROM IT LIKE USIAN BOLT.

What is bad luck?

Bad luck is a thing that people try to avoid.Bad luck is when your life suddenly is bad. For example you were planning to have a picnic the next day.When you wake up its nice and sunny but as soon as you open the door the sky turns grey and it starts to rain and like when you eat pineapple it turns bad.

What are the bad lucks?

It's bad luck to walk under a ladder, for a black cat to cross your path, to break a mirror, and the number 13 is unlucky.

How do you get bad luck?

Well the worst way is if you break a mirror 7 YEARS!!!!!!!!!! badluck or if you walk under a ladder bad luck or if you see a blackcat and it pass in front of you or if you get bad karma or if youwalk in a building with a unberila in a house

Does a banana travel by a boat?

If you buy a banana in Europe, changes are almost 100% that your banana has been travelling by boat.\n. \nSea transport has always been very important to the organisation of a banana exporting.\nFrom the nineteenth century, the banana trade has basically connected tropical producing countries with northern hemisphere markets. The earliest connections were from West Indian islands to Britain and France, and from the Caribbean coasts of Central and South America to the United States.

What is Banana boat song about?

This is a song about Jamaicans loading the banana boats and waiting for the 'tally man' to count their load so they could leave and go home.

What is the original banana boat song?

The Answer can be found in the history of Trinidad where the banana boat song was a traditional Jamaican song. They loved The Belafonte version and won't argue about copyrights. They just love music in that style

Is it bad luck to rename a boat?

YES it is so dont change the name It is bad luck if you dont follow the proper renaming ceremony Here is a link that will help, trust me, make sure you do the Ceremony. I have seen people have some serious issues when they didnt.

Is it bad luck to rename horses?

I have never heard that it is bad luck to rename a horse. Horseshowever are intelligent animals and are able to distinguish thesound of their own name when it is used. Although it may not beunlucky, it may mean the horse is confused or unresponsive when youtry to get him to do things.

Is a crow bad luck?

Crows can be bad luck if they are in a group of three. One crow by itself doesn't mean anything.

Is there a superstition about bananas on fishing boats?

There are many stories, some saying that ships hauling cargo (among them bananas) would sink and that the predominate feature on the surface was yellow bananas. I read that in Florida, charter boat captains have banned all things banana. No lotion with the word banana on it. No muffins with the offending fruit and esp. not the banana its self. Here is another story of the tale. Around the 17th and 18th century trans-ocean crossings were very dangerous endeavors for Captains, crews and passengers aboard wooden sailing ships. There were a very high percentage of vessels that sank in these times. Ships often sailed routes that would take them near tropical islands, where they could replenish with food and water. Passengers, explorers and crew would purchase crates of bananas from local islanders. Banana crates were have said to contain more than just this good fruit. They sometimes had spiders, snakes and other creepy crawlers taking up residence inside. These critters would then find there way into all the nooks and crannies, the bilge & bunk rooms and multiply. Causing moderate to serious problems aboard a ship at sea. It order to combat this, Captains began telling people that bananas are very bad luck and the vessel will be successful by not having bananas aboard. If you know sailors they are a superstitious lot.

Is it bad luck to believe in superstition?

1.the force that seems to operate for good or ill in a person's life, as in shaping circumstances, events, or opportunities: . 1. a belief or notion, not based on reason or knowledge, in or of the ominous significance of a particular thing, circumstance, occurrence, proceeding, or the like. Using the following definitions, it is purely circumstantial on whether it is "bad luck to believe in superstition". It also depends on how you meant it. If you are asking "Is it bad luck to believe in superstition conceptually?", then directly I would say no but indirectly it is certainly a possibility. Belief in belief may not effect a behavior (and therefore a particular outcome in a given situation) very much but it may be a basis for another belief to develop that does indeed affect your behavior. As for another possible interpretation of the question such as "Is it bad luck to believe in any particular instance of a superstition?", that would be totally based upon the context. It would depend on what the superstition is, to what degree it is believed and then upon the setting. A superstitious belief such as reading books is bad luck wouldn't be that much of problem if you lived hundreds of years ago and books weren't as common place as they are now. It would also be more detrimental if you were at a school or a library than if you weren't one. Also the degree to which you believe that books are bad luck, if you think they are just a minor thing and can easily overcome it and pass your English class would be an entirely different (and conceivably better) outcome than if you thought books were really evil and should be burned and therefore you went to your local public library and set it on fire. To put it simply: Belief in superstition in general may not necessarily cause a bad outcome but may foster other superstitions that do affect said outcome more. Belief in a particular superstition may affect the outcome of an event based upon the degree of belief, the setting (time and place) in which the belief propagates and then the subject of the superstitious belief.

Why does the albatross represent bad luck?

the albatross is said to represent good luck to mariners. when they see a sea bird (albatross) land is near. it has been thought of as bad luck from an old poem where a man shoots one down and has to wear it around his neck by his shipmates, for ruining their good fortune. he is said to have had terrible luck from then on.

Is it a bad luck if lizard falls?

No. It merely means the lizard lost its grip on the surface to which it was clinging. It is not necessary to look for special meaning in ordinary occurances.

How do you get rid of bad luck in the home?

You can expel bad luck by several methods. If you are familiar with the principles of Feng Shui, you can arrange furniture, mirrors, wind chimes, etc., to bring good luck into the home. Another method is to thoroughly clean each room, followed by carrying a lighted candle through every room, claiming the space as your home and announcing that only godly spirits and good luck may dwell there. Welcome good luck and beneficent spirits according to your own religious / family traditions. One final method would be to smudge your home with either sage or sweet grass, then sprinkle sea salt in every corner of each room and beneath each window. Bless and protect each doorway with olive oil, again claiming the space according to your own traditional faith.

Is heads good luck or bad luck?

it is not proven either way, but believed to be bad luck. It depends on whether you called heads or tails before the coin toss!

How can you beat your bad luck and life?

First of all, it depends whether your religious or not. With religion comes teaching and morals for success and liberty. God, however is the most facial thing in a belief to good luck in life, ask the master, ask the person who invented such design. If your aren't religious, then have good Karma, a belief in Hinduism, good thoughts help your present reality and bad thoughts/action make it bad. My suggestion is to belief in a power much greater like God, and ask him, do good, give charity, make others happy and so will you. Science couldn't have made us however, the big bang started with 2 atoms, how did they come if there wasn't anything there. Such design and creation is a shame for us all and that's what i call people, say and I belief, someone says and they belief. My name is Daniel, I'm 13 years, hope this man. Good luck with anything you need.! Make sure you help overs, and others will help you, famous phenomenon, what comes around goes around good luck.

Why is it bad luck to toast with water?

In Greek mythology the dead are believed to forget their corporeal lives after drinking from one of the rivers leading to the underworld. It is customary to toast the dead with water, symbolising this voyage to the underworld, and when making other toasts if they are made with water it is seen as wishing bad luck, or even death, on that being toasted.

Are peacock tattoos bad luck?

In Asia and in most countries in the world, peacock feathers are seen as a token of good luck and well-being. For some in a few areas in Eastern Europe, peacock feathers are a symbol of a bad luck, as they represent the feathers worn by invading Mongol warriors. The eye-patterns of the peacock's tail feathers gave rise to the peacock's nickname "the bird of 100 eyes," which lead to its mythical symbolism as an all-seeing witness to hidden acts. For this reason, the peacock feather is seen as bad luck in some parts of the world, where it never may cross the home's threshold.

What are the main causes of bad luck?

There are no causes of bad luck because good and bad luck do not exist. But allegadly, stepping on a crack, walking under a ladder, and knocking over a salt shaker are some of the most popular 'causes' of bad luck.

Are bananas bad luck on a boat?

It is considered to be bad luck in the Hawaiian culture because the sailors there would always take bananas with them on the boat, the bananas would always rot around the time the boat got far enough into the ocean, sea, etc. to catch any fish, the Hawaiians associated this with bad luck.

Is it bad luck to see your doppelganger?

Yes, it is considered very bad luck to see your doppelganger. It is believed if you see it you will suffer death or very serious injuries as they are referred to as bad omens.

Is Mothman considered bad luck?

No, Mothman was a legendary creature that was supposedly spotted several times in or around Point Pleasant, West Virginia hovering over the city's Silver Bridge.

What is the recipe for Banana Boat Sundae?

Banana Boat Sundae . Ingredients: . HERSHEY'S SPECIAL DARK Syrup . 3 scoops ice cream . 1 banana, split-down-the-middle . REESE'S Peanut Butter Dessert Toppings . HERSHEY'S Classic Caramel Topping . HERSHEY'S Triple Chocolate Dessert Toppings . HERSHEY'S Double Chocolate Sundae Syrup . Directions: 1. Pour a layer of HERSHEY'S SPECIAL DARK Syrup into banana split sundae dish. 2. Add 3 scoops of ice cream and a split-down-the-middle banana to the sides. 3. Top the first scoop with REESE'S Peanut Butter Dessert Toppings. 4. Top the second scoop with HERSHEY'S Classic Caramel Topping and HERSHEY'S Triple Chocolate Dessert Toppings. 5. Top the third scoop with HERSHEY'S Double Chocolate Sundae Syrup. .

Can cats bring bad luck?

The myth that cats bring bad luck is only a myth--millions of catowners worldwide would say cats are wonderful pets!

Why was it bad luck to break a mirror?

It has been considered bad luck to break a mirror ever since the Ancient Romans lived. They were the first to create mirror of glass, and they - along with the Chinese, Greek, Indian and African cultures - believed that a mirror was able to take away a part of the person gazing's soul. Furthermore, they believed that if the mirror was broken, it meant that his or her soul would be trapped in the world the mirror represented. Basically, a broken mirror created a broken soul which lead to broken health of the user. What's more, the Romans believed that every person's physical body was renewed every seven years, so that's why it would take seven years of bad luck to compensate for the broken mirror.

Are wolves bad luck?

I beleive that wolves are good luck most people say bad because their ignorant, or scared.

Is it bad luck to sleep with socks on?

No, they are just socks, it is like saying that it is bad luck to wear a sweater to bed, while you probably would not, it is silly. All superstitions are silly in general. Despite this, some are good for real life. For example: To break a mirror, they are expensive and very pretty, so it would be a shame to break one. Further more it can make deadly shards of glass. To walk under a ladder, if it falls then you get hurt. to open an umbrella indoors, that can knock stuff over. So some can have good ideas attached to them, but others like "if a black cat crosses your path" or "step on a crack, break you mothers back" are just plain silly. :)

Is a banana bad for you?

It depends if the banana has gone bad but usually it isn't for it's packed with vitamins and potassium.

When does Banana boat sunscreen expire?

To know it's expiration date, check the bottle. All products have manufacturing and expiration dates indicated either in the bottom of the container or on it's cap or lid.

Why is bad luck to take a pasty on a boat?

Firstly, it isn't; there's really no such thing as "bad luck" in the sense of "if you do this, you'll have bad luck." Secondly, you should ask whoever told you this where on Earth they got the idea. Thirdly, I hope by all that's holy you mean "pasty" in the sense of what most USians would call a "pot/meat pie", and not what "pasty" usually means in the US (if you don't know, here's a hint: it's called that because it gets "pasted" ... somewhere). In that case, bringing (or, worse, wearing) a pasty on some boats could prove to be very bad luck indeed.

Where to buy banana boat tanning?

walmart, but remember the damage this can do do skin! maybe try some self tanner mixed with moisturizer instead? you can find it in the makeup aisle. give it a shot. much better for your skin!

Does good luck and bad luck exits?

yes good luck and bad luck exits because when i found a penny on "HEADS" i got good luck i got ice cream i got a boyfriend and found a "100" dollar bill bad luck exits beacuse when i opened my umbrella i got bad luck i lost my boyfriend my brother took my "100" dollar bill so it does EXITS

What are bananas bad for?

Eating more than one in a day will make you gain weight because it is a "sweet fruit" and has fat.