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Is it bad to use NyQuil every night?

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Is makeup bad for your skin even if you take it off every night?

yes. it actually is because ut sits on your face all day when you have it on! does that answer your question? \\o/* sexy sports cheerleder babe Not necessarily! You can actua

Is it safe to use depakote with NyQuil?

All i can speak from is personal experience...and all of my health care professionals have suggested NOT taking any other drug/substance that can increase the liklihood of bec

Is it bad to work out every day and night?

  Depends on what muscle groups you work out. here is a safe example for working out every day and night Mon - 8:00 am - Biceps and Triceps 8:00 pm - Cardio Tue - 12:0

Is it bad if you do push ups and sit ups every night?

Probably not, unless you do too many of them. You need to allow your muscles to heal in between workouts. Most people work their abs (sit ups) daily. Arms and chest are usuall

Is it bad to use ghd's every day?

  blatantly yes! you idiot. you're burning your hair so use your common sense u dumbpoo. how about shave ur hair off and wear a wig? or itll fall off within a year. i as

Is it bad to dream every night?

no   no because dreams are creation of mind . you might notice sometimes that the things running through your mind are the ones that you are dreaming of.

What is the US patent number for NyQuil?

NyQuil doesn't have a patent on its own; instead, Procter & Gamble is party to a large number of patents for things like "antitussive pharmaceutical compositions for the peror