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Is it easy to fall in love with someone?

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No, it takes time for you to get to know the person. If you want a good relationship then you should really take the time to really get to know them.
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Why is it so easy to fall in love with someone who says she does not love you as more than a friend?

    Answer     well, in my opinion, we love to go after something that we cant have, maybe just the trill of the game, and we end up falling so hard for someo

Can you get someone to fall in love with you?

Sadly No Sweety Unless You Physically Force them , but yhu can go to prison for that .If You Believe In Soul Mates And You Actally Want a Future With This Person then the wors

Why is it so hard to fall in loveyet easy to fall out of love?

Love is a very complex thing. Sometimes people think that it is actually love when it is not. Could you understand that? If you truly love someone you can not fall out of love

How much can someone fall in love?

There's really no measuring how much a person can fall in love as love is a very strong emotion that goes very deep and makes human beings do things normally seen as crazy, im

How can you tell if someone is falling out of love with you?

  They leave you, or they make drastic changes in their lifestyle. Most likely, He/She is depressed or something is wrong on his/her end that you are unaware of. Stress th

What do you do when someone has falling out of love for you?

  There is nothing you can do. You can communicate with them to find a way to bring the love back, but until you have fell out of love with someone, it's going to hurt whe

Is it easy to fall in love in Middle School?

I blv its possible..... but only in rly rly rare cases... If it lasts long enuff, with real care, n bein thr 4 each other... it myt work.. Though I can say LOVE is much much l

Why is it so easy to fall in love but difficult to fall out of love?

its easy because at first u like the person his life style his smile his ability to control himself his simplicity and all that but its really difficult to fall out of love be

How can you fall in love with someone you hate?

It occurs when you are forced to always be around someone you hate. If you are always around someone and the reason why you hate them is because of different views then it is