Is it hot in Slovenia?

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Not always. In 2013 it was cold one day, hot another(very unusual). Weather changes. It's usually hot in June, July...nothing much. Use this link for your questions about weather in Slovenia.

Where is Slovenia?

Slovenia is a country in central Europe with a short coast (46km)on the Adriatic Sea. It is bordered by Austria to the north,Croatia in the south, Italy to the west and it shares a shortborder with Hungary to the northeast. In ancient times Illyrian and Celtic peoples inhabited the area,which was ru

Is Slovenia a hot country?

Most of the country is like the north of Italy, south of France and northern Spain. Alpine parts of Slovenia will obviously be colder. I live in Slovenia and there it's perfect weather! :D At the winter, ussualy snowing, at the summer it's hot. It's somethink like Italy or Croatia or Germany or Aus

Is Slovenia in Russia?

No Slovenia is a part of central Europe and it`s neighbours are Italy, Croatia, Austria and Hungary. Allthough it was a part of the former Yugoslavia and therefore considered a part of the Eastern block.

How did Slovenia get its name?

The name for the nation, Slovenes, was mentioned by a protestant priest and author Primoz Trubar in 1550s, describing the nation that lived in several different lands of the Austrian Empire. The origin of this name is not exactly known to me, but two possible origins spring to mind. The word is deff

What mountains do they have in Slovenia?

The Republic of Slovenia is a nation state bordering Italy,Austria, Croatia and Hungary. The mountains include theAlps and the Dinaric Mountains . The higest peak (Triglav)is 2864m or 9396ft high. The countries average height above sealevel is 557m or 1,827ft.

What animals are there in Slovenia?

Bears, mosquitoes, grasshoppers...dogs- loads of dogs- cats...forest animals, I guess, 'cause they have forests, some sea animals 'cause there is some coastland.