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Is it legal for a adopted parent to leave there adopted kids out of there will can you fight that in court?

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Yes, as long as they are no longer minors.
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Do adoptive parents wish to see their kids?

Do you mean the biological parents? If that what you mean then yes most of the time Parents wish they could see their children and sometimes they'll have their child put in

If you leave your parents can you get adopted by another family?

In order for you to be adopted your parents have to give up their parental rights to the state. First then are you up for adoption. It's really hard for older kids to be adopt

Do adopted kids find their birth parents?

Sometimes I just found out that the male listed on my long form birth certificate is not my father but rather the ex-husband that she was separated from at the time. They di

My wife and I adopted 2 girls from Fla in 2007 The parents terminated their parental rights. The adoption was completed legally in the courts. Can they now have the adoption reverse?

The parents no. Their rights are taken away. They have no say in what happens to those children. They are not their parents anymore. The courts can only if they find a reason

Why does Oedipus leave Corinth and his adoptive parents?

That he's fated to kill his father and marry his mother is the reason why subsequent King Oedipus leaves Corinth and his adoptive parents. But he doesn't know that they're not

How do you ask your parents to adopt a kid?

If you're an only child...maybe they can think about it. If you have little/older brother/sister maybe they won't think about adoption. But if you truly want a baby bro/sis or

What are the rights of an adopted minor who is also a parent and if over sixteen are they legally able to leave there residence with the adoptive parent?

A pregnant minor or one who is already a parent is not emancipated apart from regarding their health or the child. And adopted children are legally like the biological ones to