Is it legal for an insurance company to raise rates if you are simply calling for a quote to determine the cost of another driver on your policy but have not officially placed that person on it yet?

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Maybe the agent saw something that had been overlooked and that caused your rates to go up. Check with a different company. Shop around for rates and see what you can get. If you think the agent is messing with you, don't put up with it. But the simple fact is, insurance companies can charge whatever they want and change the rates whenever they want. Your only protection is to shop around. Competition keeps everybody honest. Answer Insurance companies can run a check of licensed drivers by address. If they find licensed drivers in a household that are not listed on the policy they may add the additional drivers that they found. I would have to ask though, are you sure the change in premium was related to your call? As was said in the first answer, shop around if you do not trust your current agent.
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%DETAILS%%FOLLOWUPS% The other driver is not "added to your policy". However, the other driver will be covered by your policy for this accident provided certain conditions are

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The factors can vary by jurisdiction (for example, some states do not allow "credit" to be used in rate determination) but as a general rule the following criteria are used:.

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Unclear on your question. Do you want to know if your rates will go up because you have a different car with a separate policy? Probably not just because you have a separat
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Yes - I don't see any issue with this... Let's say, your daughter is in town for a significant amount of time, and she is still insured on her own policy with her own vehicle
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A quote is just an estimate and nothing more. The more accurate the information you give them the more accurate the quote will be. If you have more claims, tickets, accident
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Canceled auto insurance and went with another policy Now original insurance company demanding proof of insurance with new company Is this demand legal?

Yes, If you have a lien holder (basically another insured) on yourpolicy. The terms of your contract require the insurer to notifyyour lien holder 30 days prior to cancellatio