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Is it legal to pay someone else's life insurance premiums?

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Would a life insurance company cancel a policy if someone is unable to pay premiums that is in the hopital with terminal cancer in an unconcious state?

Any life insurance policy can be cancelled by an insurance company for non-payment of premium.. Check with the company to see if her policy contains a "waiver of premium" fea

How can I legally mess with someone else's life?

Yes you can to a certain point. You can joke around and insult someone but once you start thieving and messing with someone's property it becomes illegal. You can start a rumo

Your paycheck is deducted for your insurance premium but your company does not pay the insuarnce premium Is this legal in Alabama?

Well I dont live in Alabama. But in my opinion. I feel it is. If a company deductes anything from your paycheck. They have to state on the stub what it is for and how much was

Can you cancel term life insurance by not paying the premiums?

Yes, this is one option. You could write a letter to the insurance company requesting cancellation of your policy. Or, you could stop paying the premiums and the policy

Can you invest in life insurance on someone else's life?

Yes, but you have to have Insurable Interest in the person, and usually (depending on their age) they have to approve or sign something allowing you to purchase the insurance

Is it legal to turn off someone else's car insurance without their knowledge?

There's probably more that you are not telling us in this question. If it's your car insurance, then no, the insurance company will send you a cancellation notice before cance