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I agree with what a lot of you have said. I find a lot of narcissists at the gym. They are so fixated on their looks and many go to become "hot" and to acquire an enviable look. They act cold, arrogant, and soulless many of them. Few, if any, will deign to hold the door for another entering or leaving the establishment. I also noticed the "ignoring" dynamic. For example, the male hosts who greet me coming in always offer a cheery "hello" when I come in and a "have a nice day" when I leave. I always respond in kind. But if they didn't say anything, I would just run in, work out, and leave. Interestingly, I noticed that if I say hello first, they only grunt indifferently in response. Some won't even acknowledge me. I don't know what to make of this. It's very disconcerting. No other establishment have I been treated this way -- usually the friendliness (or lack there of) will be consistent whether I am the initiator or not. I guess they are so narcissisitic that they solicit validation from me when I ignore them -- and then once they get it -- go on to ignoring me, to make me feel less..or perhaps to discourage me in case they think I am saying hello because I must "want" them and they think tehy better discourage me if I am not hot enough by their standards. Bizarre. I disagree that anyone can MAKE you feel anything. Take responsibility for your own lives. There are some people who are too clingy and who attach to others and drain them. If you are like this, people will distance themselves and tell you you are being too clingy and dependent. Healthy people are whole within themselves. If they push you away for being too clingy and wanting too much attention yourself, they are not narcissists -- perhaps yo are. The world doesn't revolve around anyone..or anything but God. Some people when ignored (for whatever reason..the other party is not interested, busy, distracted, etc.) will try harder -- and get more aggressive to get attention. Some will pick fights, flirt, or become punitive since they are willfully determined to get the attention, recognition and validation they seek. Not being able to handle the rejection, they lose all perspective. Some of you come who have posted here come across like this -- that you get unglued when someone ignores you. Heck if someone were playing that game of ignoring me, etc., I would just conclude that they weren't worth my time and move on. I don't understand why you keep going back to them.
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Will a narcissist seek revenge if you ridicule him in public?

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How do you overcome the pain of narcissistic abuse?

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