Is it normal to be leaking a small amount of yellowish brown fluid at 39 weeks of your pregnancy?

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Is it normal for your nipples to leak clear fluid during pregnancy?

Answer . It can happen in some women. It has to do with producing milk.. Answer . Yes, there is a clear sometimes whitish fluid that may leak out during the 2nd-3rd tr

What is the yellowish fluid leaking from the rear of a 2004 Corvette?

Hello In the 2004 Corvettes the Transmission has been moved from the back of the engine to the rear so now the transmission and pumpkin are bolted together. You could have a t

Is it normal to have brown discharge at twelve weeks of pregnancy?

It could be a cervical change that can cause vaginal bleeding. Vaginal bleeding can also be a symptom of ectopic (tubal) pregnancy. Another cause for bleeding during pregnancy

Is yellowish fluid leaking out of extraction site of wisdom tooth normal?

This question may be difficult to answer without knowing the circumstances surrounding your extraction. If the tooth was erupted through the gums before extraction, it may tak

What is the normal amount of amniotic fluid in a full term pregnancy?

The amniotic fluid volume is estimated by measuring pockets of amniotic seen in ultrasound. It is then expressed as the amniotic fluid index (AFI). A normal AFI at full-term w

What if you leak yellowish fluid and neg pregnancy?

I am assuming you mean you have taken a pregnancy test which has tested "negative", and that you have a yellow vaginal discharge. "Yellow" is a funny thing, because normal vag

Is it normal to have brown discharge during the eighth week of pregnancy?

I was on holiday when i was in my 8th week of pregnancy when i started having a brown discharge which lasted 24 hrs, i was convinced i had lost the baby and had to wait anothe
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Is it normal to have yellowish discharge in 35 weeks?

Yellowish discharge usually indicates a yeast infection. As you're pregnant, you will need to see your Doctor for some cream to apply vaginally to clear up the infection.
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What is yellowish fluid leaking inside on driver floor?

If it is an ML W163 then it is Transmission fluid, same problem on mine...need to replace the O Rings on the plug to the transmission which can only be bought with the plug...