Is it ok to give Melatonin to a 18 month old baby to help the baby sleep?

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There will be no short term side affects to this, but long term you will mess up your child's ability to properly produce melatonin. Melatonin is produced by our brains, and when you supplement it you cause your body to stop producing it and create a dependency.

Try cutting your baby's naps short, or keeping him/her awake through their last nap. Make sure that you don't feed baby sugary foods with dinner, as that will also keep them awake. Make sure they have a full tummy and aren't thirsty before putting them to bed also. My baby wakes up if he kicks his socks off because his toes are cold, so maybe try sleepers with feet, or if your baby is waking up sweaty, try a light weight cotton sleeper.
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How do you wean an 18-month-old baby?

The best way it to cut back as many feedings as possible. There will be screaming and fighting for the breast. I am in the middle of this now and he is fine except when he is sleepy and wants to nurse down to bed. That has been the only difficult feeding. It is hard for him to learn another way to g (MORE)

Does Melatonin really help you to sleep?

I have tried every over-the-counter sleep aid available. I really do not like medication and prefer to take as little as possible. Therefore, before trying a prescription sleep aid, my doctor suggested trying Melatonin -- 3 mg before bedtime. Since I have trouble falling asleep and staying asleep, I (MORE)

What medicines can you give your baby to help him sleep?

Babies are designed by nature to follow their own cycles of sleep. If your baby is not sleeping as it should, then there may be something medically wrong that needs to be checked by a pediatrician. . If you are just tired of taking care of the baby, then that is natural. Just hang in there and keep (MORE)

How do you get rid of a 103.3 temperature on a 18 month old baby?

Call your doctor and ask about alternating ibuprofin and Tylenol also in the mean time make a luckwarm bath not cold and not hot, and sit the baby in it for about 10 minutes if you can. . It's advisable that you take your baby to either a clinic or ER. Sometimes babies can get fevers and mothers (MORE)

How do you get a 2 month old baby to sleep?

Helping baby sleep through the night 1) Establish a routine - bathing the child before bed time. Make sure to repeat these patterns. Once the baby becomes familiar with this routine, they will know that it is time to sleep. Also, make sure the baby sleeps in the same place and in the same conditio (MORE)

Is it ok to give Melatonin to a 7-month-old baby to help the baby sleep?

Although Melatonin can be effective in adults, it is not a good idea to give your baby supplements without consulting the pediatrician. If your 7-month-old is having enough trouble sleeping that you are considering medicating him/her, than there very well could be an underlying problem that needs to (MORE)

What age is it ok to give babies yogurt?

I have read that it's ok to give a baby yogurt between 9 -12 months. It is not ok to give a baby cow's milk at this time though because cow's milk doesn't contain enough iron for the baby.

How to get 9 month old baby to sleep through the night?

Well, My little cousin is 3 months old around 5:30 they give her baby cereal, then 1 ounce of formula to wash it down. They give her a bath, then another ounce and she goes out at around 8:30 or 9. Then sleeps till 6 am. ~Hope this helped~

How much milk do you give a 17 month old baby?

At this point, you can give milk according to the nutritional anddrink needs of your child. They can drink fruit juice, water andmilk. They should be eating solid foods by now, so amount of milkdoesn't matter as much.

Is it bad if you give a three month old baby gerber?

Yes. The only thing your baby should be eating at three months is formula or brest milk. Consult your babies doctor before you give it any solid food. You can cause you baby to have childhood obesity by feeding it things it shouldn't have yet.

Is it ok to have a baby at 18 in the military?

If you've already made it through Basic Training then yes; although there are some educational programs out there that you will not be eligible for if you do decide to have child- (or a husband) :) hope this helps. If you need more help your First Sergent or supervisor should be able to help you.

Is it ok to let a newborn baby to sleep on a boppy pillow?

Boppy pillows are extremely dangerous. You can tell by the name. I mean, seriously, with a name like boppy why wouldn't it be dangerous. You need to watch the Brothers Soloman to get more insight on baby safety. Now.. Sleeping on one can seriously damage a child's. You can only let them sleep on it (MORE)

Why won't my 7 month old baby sleep?

because your baby is used to being in the wom its used to wrapped very tightly and the baby wont sleep bacause its too cold and they feel the breeze and wind and more so if you really want your baby to sleep wrap it very tightly in a blanket and but to pillows around it one on each sissde and your b (MORE)

Do you get a 17 month old baby to sleep?

First answer: . Give the baby a warm bottle and rock them until they fall asleep . Another option: . It sounds like you're asking how to teach a 17-month-old baby how to go to sleep on his or her own, without you being there to make them fall asleep? . This answer is long, because teaching your (MORE)

How do you get a 4 month old baby to sleep?

Addressed here are eight ways to help Mom, Dad and Baby have a good night sleep for days to come. . 1. A bedtime Routine. Babies and infants are creatures of habit. They enjoy the predictability of a sleep ritual so a regular bedtime routine will help settle your baby more quickly and also increas (MORE)

What can a six month old baby do?

At six months, a baby's physical development includes: rolling from front to back; rolling over if lying on his back getting herself in a sitting position using her shoulder to pull herself moving his arms purposefully and holding them up, indicating a wish to be lifted lifting up her legs t (MORE)

Is it ok to give my baby amoxicillin if you had the amoxicillin for one month?

If the amoxicillin has been reconstituted (...if it's a liquid when you get it at the pharmacy...) then No, you must NOT give it to your baby. After 7-14 days, the antibiotic will not work....even if you have had it in the fridge the whole time. If the infection has come back, the baby needs to visi (MORE)

Can you give a three month old baby tums for gas?

No! Are you burping the baby properly after feeding? That should help alleviate the problem. Also, breastfed babies have less gas than bottlefed babies do. Bottle-feeding could be causing the problem.

What to feed a 18 month old baby with diarrhea?

The first day you should only give the pedialyte. If they seen better add saltines, and then the second or third day you should give them plain cherrios, saltines, and pedialyte. DO NOT GIVE THEM DAIRY! I gave mine dairy after 4 days and it was still bad. Stick to plain cherrios, saltines, and pedia (MORE)

How do you get a 6 month old baby to sleep at night?

Each baby is different with different sleep patterns. It is important that a baby gets fresh air as much as possible and the mother should make a point of putting the baby in it's carriage and taking the baby for stroll. Be sure the baby has been fed and burped; diapers are changed. Some baby's can (MORE)

Is it okay to give a 3 month old baby small amounts of baby food?

I was feeding my daughter small amounts of baby rice cereal from the day she came home from the hospital, and started her on stage 1 baby food at about 2 1/2 months old...mostly veggies tho. Fruit makes the diapers pretty nasty. I would almost be willing to say it helped in her development, even to (MORE)

Is it ok to give a baby water in a bottle?

Yes, if you would drink it yourself with fear of catching something. If you want, you can boil it and cool it (and the container) before you give it to the baby, that is if you are not certain it is clean.

Is it ok to have a baby at 16 years old?

No its Defiantly not a good idea. when your 16 your a high school student. you will be tagged by the public . You would not have yet realized the reality or the hardship of life. . your most likely not stable at that age. . you may soon get frustrated of looking after it. . you may not be able (MORE)

What does babies do at 3 months old?

They are not in the toddler stage yet, so they probably won't crawl. But at 3 months they start developing facial expressions like their parents'. At three months they are still small, be careful! if they fall from small distances like off the couch it will die. even if it falls on a pillow! Or some (MORE)

Is it ok to give a dog baby food?

I don't think it is fine to give a dog baby food. Baby food were processed based on the needs of a human baby and not of a dog. Also, there are human foods considered poisonous to dogs, so be extra careful when giving your dog "foreign" foods.

How do you help ease a two month old baby constipation?

This depends on what they baby is being fed with. If the baby is breast fed, it is normal that i doesn't' have stool for up to 10 days. If the baby is given formula, than it could mean that the current formula doesn't matches your baby's needs. It needs to be changed with a different one.

How old is your baby if she is 32 months?

Since there are 12 months in one year, 12+12=24 months (2 years) with an additional 8 months (to equal 32 months); this means your baby is 2 years and 8 months old

Is it ok toto give your dog melatonin?

Melatonin may be given to your dog to treat alopecia, or hair-loss, but must be given according to the weight of your dog. You should call or visit your veterinarian before administering this drug to your dog.