Is it possible to salvage pictures on a memory card after you have washed the memory card?

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Maybe. Take it into a camera shop and ask them to do a card recovery. Sometimes they can retrieve the images.

Another way is to use photo recovery software. One I used before is Asoftech Photo Recovery.
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Is it possible to rename a digital picture after it has been transfered from my memory card?

Answer . Yes. I don't know of any case where you can't. But as I tell everyone, because you have no negative, it wise to keep a master copy of your pictures which you wi

How do you get pictures off memory card?

usually on the camera there is an option where you can delete all info.. All cameras are differentut if you go to the menu there should be an option for delete all, you can d

How do you get pictures from a memory card to a computer?

OK so you stick your card into the computer and a box should pop up. you click input pictures and then another box pops up in the lower left hand corner of the screen and it w

What happened to pictures on memory card?

You may have accidentally deleted them. But it should be no problem at all to get them back. Do not take any more pictures, and remove the card from the camera to lessen the c

How do you put pictures on to your memory card if it has internal memory?

Cameras will typically prefer to store pictures on a memory card ifone is present inside of the device. However, if a memory cardisn't present, it will attempt to use any avai

How do you download pictures on a Mac to a memory card?

Some Macintosh Computers made in the last 5 years have an in built memeory card read/writer. If you you are using the internal reader then inserting the card into the drive

Can you recover pictures from a memory card after deleting them?

Many cameras can have deleted pictures recovered using programs on the computer. It depends on the camera you are using, so this particular method might not work for you. You

How do i get my pictures from my PC to a memory card?

Connect the card to the computer (either slide it into the built-in card slot or use a USB card reader). Open the memory card (it should show up as drive E or F). Open the fol