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Is it possible to watch tv on a computer?

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Absolutely. You simply need to add a TV Tuner card to an empty PCI slot in your computer. To do this, carefully open the CPU of your computer (the main body) and check to see if you have an empty PCI slot.

If so, you can add a TV Tuner card. This will require you to install software that will come bundled with the card, and installation is very simple.
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When do you watch tv?

On weekends or after work/school on weekdays.

How can i watch TV channels on my television through internet?

Ya!!! Its easy to watch your favorite TV Channels Online with just  simple subscription. YuppTV which is the Best Indian TV  Channels provider in the market for the viewers

Can you hurt your eyes if you wear sunglasses while watching television or playing th computer?

No. Not unless you wear particularly dark sunglasses that make everything so dim your eyes have to strain, and you do so for long periods of time. Otherwise, have at it. In fa

How do you watch video on tv from iPhone?

There are apps that can do this, search TV in the app store. Justin.tv is one option that shows broadcasted video from other users. Hulu is a limited access one as well. No li