Is it safe to travel by airplane with an ankle fracture?

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Yes, it should be safe to travel by airplane with an ankle fracture however, if possible it might be sensible to have a companion travel with you to help with luggage. It might be worth checking with your doctor to see if he or she recommends you to travel or not.
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What is an avulsion fracture of the ankle?

An avulsion fracture is when a ligament pulls a piece of bone away from the remaining bone.

How do you know if you have a fractured ankle?

The standard test is called PAD - Pain, Abnormal mobility and Deformity. In fact, with an ankle it can be very difficult to know unless it's obviously bent in the wrong direct

Healing time for a fractured ankle?

The time to heal most fractures is about 6 to 8 weeks, but may vary somewhat depending on your age and general health. Smoking also slows bone healing.

Is it safe to travel on airplane with pneumonia?

it is only safe if your doctor tells you it is, it might be safe for you but it wont be safe for people around you because the germs are in the air for a however long the jour

How do you fracture your ankle?

okay this is NOT a painful procesa you need to get ingiger tis weakens the bone walk down the stairs and as you do jolt hard and fast you ankleround to face the wall you

What is the treatment for a chip fracture in the ankle?

It depends on the Weber classification of the fracture. If it is astable fracture, a walking cast or protective boot may be all thatis needed. If the fracture is unstable, sur

How can you hairline fracture your ankle?

I got a hairline fracture in my ankle by to running up a slide and jumping off and due to not wearing proper shoes. When I landed I mistakenly landed on my left foot and due t