Is it true that President William Howard Taft was so large that a special bathtub had to be installed in the White House to accommodate him?

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This is true. President Taft was a large man -- 6' 2" tall -- and weighing in at about 332 pounds at the height of his presidency. After becoming stuck in the White House bath tub, where it took six men to help him out, he ordered a tub specially made for him. Needing a big bathtub, he had a tub installed that was 7 feet long and 41 inches wide, and could accommodate four normal-sized men.

Although Taft was the most portly president, he was considered a good dancer, a good tennis player and an average golfer.

At ease with his uncontrolled appetite and his need for sleep after eating or after exerting himself, Taft simply refused to be embarrassed by his weight or his behavior. He accepted his size and so did most of the American public in time.
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What us president had a special bathtub installed in the White House to accommodate his bulk?

William Howard Taft (1909-13), who at 330 pounds was too hefty to fit into a standard-sized tub, had a custom tub built for his extra-large frame. After it was manufactured, f

What did William Howard Taft do while he was a President?

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Did William Howard Taft get stuck in a White House bath tub?

No- this oft-told tale is not true. However, it is easy to see how it might have been believed. Taft was indeed a big man and he did have a new, very large, bathtub put into t

Did President William Howard Taft die in a bathtub?

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What year did William Howard Taft get stuck in a bathtub?

March 4, 1909 is the date given by some. In actual fact, the story about his getting stuck is almost certainly not true. It gained credence from the fact that Taft was very he