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yes and one of the most simple to make. another example is the sun.
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What is plasma?

The watery part of blood. Plasma is also ionized gas. Ionizing iswhere it converts an atom of gas into an ion(s) by removing one ormore electrons. Also plasma is in fire ,but

What does plasma do?

Depends on which plasma you're talking about. . Plasma as in blood carries blood cells to and `fro in our body,this yellowish liquid making up more than half of our bodysuppl

What is in Jello?

Once made up, Jello consists of water, gelatin, artificial flavors and colours and sweeteners.

What is in plasma?

Depends on which plasma youre talking about. . Plasma in physics: . 1.Plasma does not contain anything, it is a unique form ofmatter and a type of energy produced from pass

What are plasmas?

Plasmas are quasineutral gases of charged and neutral particles that exhibit collective behaviour. The collective behaviour can be explained by taking an example of air molecu

What does the plasmas do?

Plasma is the yellow component of your blood and it acts as a milkman. It carries various substances to the different parts of the different body and harbors immune system.

How can you get plasma?

You can create plasma by heating matter up to roughly 10,000 degrees. Plasma is a state of matter like a solid, a liquid, or a gas and can be found in many household appliance

What are plasma?

Plasma can refer to the clear component in blood after the red and white cells have been removed. Plasma as in "plasma screen TV" refers to a soup of electrons and protons in

What is in the plasma?

Blood plasma is composed of mostly water and contains dissolved proteins, glucose, clotting factors, mineral ions, hormones and carbon dioxide

What can you do with plasma?

First of all, a plasma is a form of matter (like solids, liquids, and gases) where the electrons have enough energy to freely leave the atoms that they would normally be bound

How do you get plasma?

Depends on which Plasma you're talking about. . There are two things commonly called plasma. . For plasma as in physics, see below: . There are several methods for heating

What can plasma do?

Plasma acts as an immunoglobulin and it can cure immunological disorders and other bleeding disorders.
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What you plasma?

Plasma is found in the blood. When a person gives blood, the redblood cells are separated from the plasma, and the red blood cellsare given back. Plasma is yellow in color and

What does not have plasma in it?

air, paper, blood (i know there is a substance called plasma in blood but its not real "plasma"), wood, water, ice, rocks, etc. as you can see, a lt of things dont have plasma
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What does plasma have in it?

plasma mostly consists of water i.e 80% if you mean plasma in your blood stream.If you mean the fourth state of matter plasma,it depends on what elements you used to create it