Is juvenile fiction considered a genre category?

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Yes, I would say so, book stores and libraries have separate juvenile sections for children"s fare, which is a good thing. It is a genre in the sense of (type) like scince-fiction, historical fiction, etc.
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What are the fiction genres?

The usual categories of fiction (called genres) include thefollowing: . Adventure - stories where there is an elementof danger and risk. This category often overlaps the others, sothat you have a fantasy novel with lots of adventure, or anadventure story with a mystery. . Comic or Graphic Novel (MORE)

How can you tell which books are considered science fiction?

Actually, many books are double listed as both science fiction and fantasy. Generally, if there is a dragon, wizard, elf, sorcerer, or dwarf, then it is clearly fantasy. On the other hand, if it involves spaceships, other planets or moons, or alien life forms then it is science fiction. Sometimes it (MORE)

What is a science fiction genre?

Science fiction is a specific genre. In general, it involves taking some scientific idea and either 'predicting' where things will go in the future, or changing some aspect of science. Finding a way of exceeding the speed of light is such an idea. These are plausible ideas. Many early SF stories hav (MORE)

Why is rip van winkle considered juvenile literature?

It has a time-travel motif and with odd plot twists- and a lengthy beard- seems to be the sort of thing, like Father Time, that has a timeless quality. there are different versions- a nice toned down one was on the Flintstones- Fred passes out after a construction accident and falls asleep under a m (MORE)

What genres is the novel 'Great Expectations' considered?

Great Expectations is considered, at least in part, autobiographical fiction. And like all of Dickens' work, it is a critical analysis and denouncement of aspects of English society. It is also a Bildungsroman : ' A novel whose principal subject is the moral, psychological, and intellectual develo (MORE)

What is a fiction genre?

A genre is a category of literary composition characterized by a particular style, form or content. Fiction genres include romance, mystery and science fiction.

Who is considered the British father of science fiction?

Herbert George Wells was the first UK science fiction writer of note- among his works are The Time Machine, Invisible Man, War of The Worlds, etc. He was more interested in social problem content than was technology-oriented Verne. the two writers who were approximately contemporary, did not get alo (MORE)

Is twilight considered Science Fiction?

Twilight ZONE certainly is. I am referring to the Rod Serling (Not Sterling!) television program. it is conceivable the author may have derived his name from a popular drug store at Journal Square the Silver Rod, he inverted it To Rod Sterling- a type of Silver and then it was modified to Serling- t (MORE)

Is twilight genre fiction?

Yes, the books of Twilight are fiction because it is not based on something true and it is not true. =)

Why is Harrison Bergeron considered science fiction?

It considers a future society, one that does not, or even has ever existed . It considers a What If? situation. What if there was a society that required all of its citizens to have a basis level of intellect? . It is a philosophical work that considered the validity of restricting achievement on (MORE)

Why is fiction a good genre?

Fiction is a good genre because loads of people read it, there are also many different types of fiction, such as: normal fiction, horror, fantasy, science fiction ect. Also you can really let your imagination run wild when either reading or writing it.

What writing genre is science fiction?

Science fiction is a genre of fiction. It differs from fantasy in that, within the context of the story, its imaginary elements are largely possible within scientifically established or scientifically postulated laws of nature (though some elements in a story might still be pure imaginative specul (MORE)

What does the genre historical fiction mean?

Historical fiction means that the setting is set in some historical environment and that the facts are kept as close to accurate as possible. When the facts are not kept accurate you stray into what is called alternate history.

Is fiction a type of genre?

I think so! I think it's either fiction or non-fiction and then you can narrow it down into sub-genres...e.g. crime, romance... =D

What is the genre of fiction of 'Oedipus Rex'?

Tragedy is the genre of fiction into which " Oedipus Re x" by Sophocles (495 B.C.E. - 405 B.C.E.) fits. Specifically, tragedy refers to an unfortunate turn in, or end to, life. The description fits the above-mentioned played. The story follows the rise and rapid fall of Theban King Oedipus when (MORE)

Why is the play considered superior to other genres?

I think it is so because the play or drama, as we can call them is a mixture of several composite actions. It contains a captivating story to attract the audiences, the expertise of the actors who bring out the best expressions, and requires a complete supervision. Examples of many great plays are S (MORE)

What impact has films of the science fiction genre had on the world?

It has gotten people used to the idea that there will be a future, of some sort, and that it will be different. Throughout most of humanity's existence, you died in more or less the same world you were born in. It has popularized science, to some extent. I can remember being laughed at in school (MORE)

Is animal fiction a genre?

Yes, animal fiction is an actual genre. It usually involves thestory focusing on one or multiple animals in a story. They can beanthropomorphic or show some kind of human qualities like being theactual narrator of the story.

How is science fiction like other genres?

The most important elements of Science Fiction is the fiction: plot, characters, theme, narration, setting, and writing style. The Science part is supplemental, an added element.

What category is science fiction in?

Science fiction is considered to be a category of fiction. It is sometimes thought to belong to a larger category called speculative fiction (which includes fantasy).

John Prine is considered what genre of music?

John Prine is well known for being in the music genres of country, folk and blugrass. John Pine was born October 10, 1946. Prine served in the army and fought in the Vietnam war before starting a music career.

What genre would a non fiction book be?

The genre that a non fiction book would be, would depend on its subject. Non fiction is narrative and factual and can be in many genres such as biographies, do it yourself, gardening, and art.

What are sub-genres of fiction?

Fiction has many subgenres. Animal fiction, adventure fiction, mystery & detective fiction, science fiction, romance fiction, western fiction, manga, comic books, TV/movie novelization, and spy/techno thrillers.

What is the first known piece of literature that could be considered to be of the science fiction genre?

The genre developed over time. Greeks had stories aboutsupernatural beings, and in the second century, there were satireswritten about a hero who goes to the moon. In the 1500s, the age ofexploration began, and science became more real. Kepler in 1634imagined living on the moon. Francis Bacon publis (MORE)

Would the Bible be considered a piece of fiction?

Yes, the Bible IS believed to be fiction by most people inthe world. Jesus reveals that the Bible is the TRUTH [ John 17:17 ]...but Truth is still the Truth whether anyone believes it or not. He also reveals in Revelation 12:9, to John, that: "This great Dragon - the ancient Serpent called the (MORE)

Is there a MFA program that is Genre-Fiction friendly?

I know that National University has a great program in CreativeWriting that has many perks: it's on a rolling admission basis, soyou apply throughout the year; each class is structured in amonthly format; it accepts Genre-Fiction writers (Sic-Fi, Horror,Fantasy, etc); and you can choose 4 Genres to (MORE)

What is the fiction genre of Grimm's fairy tales?

They are fairy tales. The gruesome, sadistic parts may seem like afictive invention, but it's a cultural thing. They're folk tales,retold. And the Brothers Grimm did not even change their names;It's a coincidence!