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Is lake capitalized in Lake Michigan?

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Yes. It is a part of the name of a person, place or thing: a proper noun.
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What lake is Lake Michigan?

Lake Michigan is the lake that divides Wisconsin and Michigan. It is also the lake that the city of Chicago lays on.

Is lake Michigan a mesotrophic lake?

I want to say yes. Lake Michigan is not Oligotrophic like Lake George in New York. It isn't Eutrophic or Hypereutrophic which are characterized by high levels of nitrogen and

Which lake borders Lake Michigan?

Lake Huron technically borders Lake Michigan but the bridge that connects the Upper and Lower Peninsula is considered to divide the two.

What is the state capital of Lake Michigan?

Lake Michigan borders Michigan,Wisconsin, Illinois, and Indiana. Lansing is the capital city inthe U.S. state of Michigan. Madison is the capital city in the U.S.state of Wisc

Where is lake Michigan?

The answer is no. The largest lake in the world defined by square  miles is the Caspian Sea in Asia. Although it is Salt Water. The  second largest is a fresh water lake nea