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Is laundry soap safe for dish washing?

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Absolutely not. It will foam up and start leaking out around the seals of your dishwasher door.
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Do astronauts have to wash dishes or laundry?

No; there is not enough water on the space station for this, and free water is hazardous in zero gravity anyway.

How do you make dish washing soap?

Soap is essentially soap. It has one purpose, although formulas may be different. A relatively easy recipe for homemade dish soap is: . 1/4 cup soap flakes (grated ivor

Is Laundry Soap safe to use for Car Washing?

No, according to Consumer Reports, soaps made for household uses (such as laundry or dish soap) can strip protective waxes and coatings. They can cause eventual harm to your p

Can you wash your dog with dish soap?

No, It will affect them in the long shot, just try to buy dog soap at H-E-B or Walmart. . Answer . No. It will dry out their skin. Go buy a shampoo/conditioner specificall

Can you wash a car with dish soap?

yes you can i wash my dads truck and my moms suburban all the time with it when we run out of car wash stuff...

Does dish washing soap freeze?

Due to recent experience, some brands of dish washing soap will separate and then thicken as temperatures drop. They return to original state as temperatures rise. Others bran

What soap is the best for washing dishes?

You should use everything that is cheap...if u don't have much money!^^ On the other side if u can spend a lot then u should just get Fairy...I guess i s good!!!!.

Where do you get dawn dish washing soap?

you can buy it at the following stores - walmart smiths Albertsons Meyers maybe walgreens and any other supermarket that sells food and other non food products

Is it bad to wash your face with laundry soap?

well my friend had the worst of all pimples on her face,and aroundher face was darker skin. she started using this laundry soapcalled ' jabon de cuaba' (its dominican) her fac