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I think that both boys and girls have hard things to deal with. No one can really judge who has it harder. Everyone has difficulties in life. One person's difficulty maybe be seen as a piece of cake by someone else. Yeah, girls have periods, they have to go through pregnancy and giving birth, etc. but guys don't have it easy either. First of all, they have to deal with the girl. That may not be a very good argument so besides that point guys have they're own difficulties to handle. Girls are usually much more open with each other and can cry on each other's shoulders when in need while guys on the other hand usually get made fun of if they cry about something. I can keep on going back and forth like this... saying why girls have it hard and why boys have it hard, but that wouldn't get me far.

The bottom line is we both have it hard, and each person has certain circumstances which make it diffucult, its not boys vs girls or girls vs boys. Everyone is in this together and we each have our own struggles to deal with, with the help of others around us.
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