Is malaria capitalized?

No. It is not.
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How can you stop malaria?

Malaria is a serious disease and qualifies as a medical emergency.  Therefore, it requires staying at the hospital for treatment. The  medicine you will be given depends on (MORE)

What is malaria rubia?

Malaria Rubia, commonly known as heat rash or prickly heat. It is a condition caused by sweat glands that have become clogged and or burned by the excessive amount of salt and (MORE)
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What is malaria and how is it transmitted?

Malaria is an infectious disease caused by a parasite (of the genus  Plasmodium) and spread mostly by a particular mosquito (Anopheles).  The saliva from the bite of the inf (MORE)

Malaria in Africa

Each year, over 200 million cases of malaria occur. While these cases are not exclusive to Africa, the Plasmodium falciparum carrying mosquito flourishes in many of the areas (MORE)

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Roles of State Capitals

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What gives malaria?

Malaria is transmitted by female mosquitoes typically in Africa and surrounding countries. The female mosquitoes only want blood for their young, like any other female mosquit (MORE)

How does malaria get into the body?

when female anopheles mosquito take a blood meal from a host with malaria, the mosquitoe took the malaria bacteria's gametes with the blood meal. the gamestes fused together i (MORE)
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Who can get malaria?

Anyone who gets infected by a female anopheles mosquito, but some people are more resistant to the infection than others. People who are carriers of the sickle cell trait, or (MORE)
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What is the symptoms of malaria?

In the early stages, malaria symptoms are sometimes similar to those of many other infections caused by bacteria, viruses, or parasites. Symptoms may include: Fever Chills (MORE)