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What gives malaria?

Malaria is transmitted by female mosquitoes typically in Africa and surrounding countries. The female mosquitoes only want blood for their young, like any other female mosquit

What is malaria and how is it transmitted?

Malaria is an infectious disease caused by a parasite (of the genus  Plasmodium) and spread mostly by a particular mosquito (Anopheles).  The saliva from the bite of the inf

How did the malaria get its name?

  From Medieval Italian mala aria meaning literally, "Bad Air." The disease was also called ague or marsh fever because it was associated with swamps and marshy lands. The

How does malaria get into the body?

when female anopheles mosquito take a blood meal from a host with malaria, the mosquitoe took the malaria bacteria's gametes with the blood meal. the gamestes fused together i

What is the symptoms of malaria?

In the early stages, malaria symptoms are sometimes similar to those of many other infections caused by bacteria, viruses, or parasites. Symptoms may include: Fever Chills

Who treats malaria?

doctors or nurses more likely to be a nurse

What are symptoms of Malaria?

Some of the general symptoms are fever of 106Headachesmuscular painnauseamuscle aches tirednesschillsshaking chills Check out Related link for specific symptoms.

How deadly is malaria?

Malaria is one of the most deadliest disease due to its nature. The  virus is said to have the ability to multiply rapidly in the  victims blood.

What are the effects of Malaria?

Chills, profuse sweating, weakness, loss of appetite, kidney failure & possible coma. It still kills about a million people annually.

What as malaria?

Malaria is a disease passed through the blood of one person to the  next mostly by mosquitos. This is common in tropical, poor area.  Africa, Haiti, etc.
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How can you get malaria?

Malaria is caused by any one of five types of Plasmodium parasite, transmitted via female Anopholes mosquito bites. Of these five types, Plasmodium Falciparum causes the most
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Malaria is caused by?

It can be caused by mosquitoes biting you, sucking your blood and passing the disease around as it bites you. Mosquitoes can be common it hot countries like: Egypt, Hawaii etc